HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Hartnett Joins Deloitte

I see that Dave Hartnett has been given permission to join Deloitte (albeit on a part time basis). I seem to recall that Hartnett has in the past criticised Deloitte for tax related issues.

Here is a link to the letter giving permission.

New Appointment announced May 2013
Mr Hartnett sought permission to accept a part-time role with Deloitte, which will involve providing advice to overseas tax administrations and governments.

When considering the application the Committee noted that Mr Hartnett’s appointment with Deloitte would involve supporting the development of tax administrations in other countries. It was also noted that whilst working in Government, Mr Hartnett did have official dealings with Deloitte, and that he also dealt with a wide range of major accountancy and law firms during his time in HMRC and the Inland Revenue before that.

The Prime Minister has accepted the Committee’s recommendation that the application be approved subject to the conditions that he:

- should not draw on any privileged information available to him whilst in Crown service;
- has no involvement in either a representative or advisory capacity for any taxpayer that he has been involved with whilst at HMRC;
- is not involved whilst engaged by Deloitte in any work considering how UK taxation, for any of their clients, can be mitigated or avoided;
- has no involvement in negotiation or management of contracts with HMRC;
- has no involvement in discussions with other fiscal authorities of UK’s confidential tax policy where he has been involved in that area of work in HMRC; and
- does not become personally involved in lobbying Government on behalf of his new employer for two years from his last day of service.

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. noses in the troughs the whole lot of them.

    us at the frontline have a set of rules to abide by and take all the flack and those at the top line their pockets even further.

  2. We were all told in HMRC never to bring the department into disrepute. Keep your mouths shut, even when you leave, blah blah blah.

    And then this clown trounces off to Delooitte to blabber his mouth off.

  3. All so damningly predictable. It is an insult to HMRC employees and honest hard pressed taxpayers alike. It shows the utter contempt that this lot have for the population at large. Are there no limits to the abuses of public office that Goverment and the likes of Hartnett and others like him can simply get away with?

  4. If HMRC is shite then ex HMRC is shiter.

    How will the government know if he spills the beans re his "inside knowledge"?

    Gamekeeper (????) turned poacher - you could not make it up!!!

  5. Funny how this is announced only AFTER the High Court judgement on the Goldman Sachs fiasco. Hartnett was roundly critisised by the judge, yet still gets a plum job.

    Would like to know if he jumped or was pushed from his "Honesty" job at HSBC.

    Senior management hsve simply ruined two companies in C&E and IR. I can't think of anywhere in private indudtry where a takeover or merger has resulted in such a shambles as this

    I really need a job in HMRC's morale lowering office-it seems to be exceeding every other offices' performance!