HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Thursday, 25 June 2015

HMRC Takes Over 2 Months To Post a Letter

Kudos to HMRC for taking over 2.5 months to post a letter!
Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. This was presumably a Notice to Submit an SA Return. My and I received ours last week. Both were dated 6 April 2015.

  2. They were generated in Feb and printed in April but held back till now to avoid people phoning up and making the already lengthy queues longer. Don't worry you still have till January 31st to file so there is no need to cry about it. If you need to file a return you should know by now without the need for prompting.

  3. 'Don't worry'. 'No need to cry about it'.'you should know now without the need for prompting'. Your tone speaks volumes about the real attitude to taxpayers. Could you shout a bit louder?

    1. He/she is quite right you know when a tax return is due you shouldn't even need a notice to submit, if you are self employed part of being self employed is filling a tax return, not for HMRC to have to remind people.

  4. Actually HMRC do have to remind people ---- they have to serve a Return (or a Notice to file ) before they can say, charge a penalty for failure to submit a Return. If they've not asked you for a Return then they can't raise a penalty for you not having sent it back. That said, as comment at 17.45 says, so long as they put you on notice in good enough time for the filing date to be next 31 January ( if not they have to allow you 3 months from the date they did ask for the Return), then it doesn't really matter that they don't do it at 6 April as they always used to.
    The embarrassing aspect is printing something with a date of issue, sending it out considerably after that date(looking very inefficient in itself), and then if a case is presented to the Tribunal Judge in support of a failure to file penalty, whoever prepares the HMRC case is likely to use the printed date in evidence to Tribunal as the date the notice to file was served. The length of time to reply to day to day correspondence is surely a more important matter ---- anybody know what the current turnaround time is?

  5. Around 4 months post turnaround time

  6. Just over 14 weeks turn around for our office :(