HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The Great PCS Diary Rip Off

What's wrong with the following advert for PCS diaries?
I will tell you after you have read it:
Order your 2016 PCS Diary today for £2

As the union faces financial pressures our national executive has taken the difficult decision to charge £2 - including VAT, postage and packing - for next year's diary from Collins-Debden which is due to be delivered in December.
To guarantee your 2016 copy place your order by 11 September.
If demand is very low it may not be viable to offer a 2016 diary, so place your order now.

The diary features extensive PCS information, including:
  • Helpline numbers
  • Contact addresses
  • Supportive information
  • Key dates.
We are hoping to agree with the printers that it will still be possible to order diaries after 11 September but there is not guarantee.
Branches wanting to make bulk orders can call 0141 300 8544 or email: PCSdiary@collins-debden.couk
Worked out what is wrong with this yet?

I will tell you.

HMRC PCS union members pay PCS £6.40 per month to cover their membership of the union and to provide them with a FREE diary every year!

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Well they don't have many members left so cutbacks will have to come from somewhere and as most of the diaries get thrown away maybe charging for them isn't such a bad idea.

    No one ever wanted my diary when I offer it to them and it just got chucked in the bin.

  2. Aye, showing your true colours now, Ken.

    What's your source for membership fees / subscriptions that provide FREE diaries each year?

    Keep on bashing us bearded lefties.

    1. I agree with Ken here;- In recent years I struggled to see what PCS were actually doing for us;- they have allowed EXCOM to ride coach and horses through many rights fought for and won over the years

    2. Yes..... However, what would EXCOM have done if PCS hadn't been there?

    3. Exactly what they have already done, make thousands redundant and close lots of office, PCS admit they could do nothing as HMRC refused to discuss any plans with them and PCS could do nothing.


    "21 May 2014

    The PCS diary which was withdrawn at the end of last year is to be reinstated following a motion to conference.

    Motion A55 noted the disappointment the decision taken by the national executive last year to discontinue the provision of free diaries to all members"

  4. Not much point in being in PCS now. HMRC management will grind you down and out the door regardless. Before I left, I saw a lot of people mentally screwed by the management muppets and no one from PCS could do anything for them.

    1. Yes;- the old "more for less" mantra!! HMRC is a complete hellhole now and the union has been completely emasculated

    2. When you get a PCS Union Rep colluding in a stitch up with a bullying HMRC manager who was committing criminal offences against a member, resulting in the victimised member being hounded out, while the criminal manager was authorised to carry on regardless - and when this lead to loss of health, livelihood and homelessness - you know PCS are effectively defrauding members and a very big part of the problem!!! Trouble making sanctimonious lefties who certainly do not understand who do not give two hoots about employment rights in reality.

    3. Can live without the Diary but would not have much confidence that the saved funds are diverted responsibly.
      Many members, if given the choice, would not have funds used to support political causes that have no influence on creating a, fairer and better working environment.

      As an example,they had a campaign on to send funds to the dubious characters populating the so called 'Calais Jungle'.These economic migrants (NOT refugees), many of them proven liars and documented violent oafs where camped in the safe,democratic nation of France but had worked out that soft Johnny Englander would give them a better deal from the Benefit pot.

      The stupid naive members of PCS who enthusiastically e-mailed members in the workplaces detailing how to hand packages destined for Calais would probably not give a thought to suffering British pensioners and would no doubt want the Calais lot to have bee given preferential treatment by the state.

      Many these PCS members who show such enthusiasm for such projects are also sometimes those that are on the conveyor belt of promotion in the workplace.This has been going on for years, a steady stream who cross to the other side after striking up friendships with those of influence.

      Deep down inside they don't really fancy the grim reality of Communism so embrace the Capitalist system. Attending meetings or demonstrations with lots of shouting going on while wearing duffel coats, carrying a copy of the Morning Star or Guardian, a Coffee 'to go' in one hand, a breakfast bar in the pocket; this phoney lot kid no one.

    4. Bring back the old union,the Inland Revenue Staff Federation...may have been small but at least it cared about it's members.

    5. PCS must think people are thick the way they mistreat members. You get a lovely little diary but nothing else in return for the money they snatch each month.

      The above comment 4/2 16:26 puts it so well. Were it not for their duplicity, which leads to harrowing consequences, their far-left act would be almost laughable. Dressed in scruffy, drab clothes proudly holding a copy of the Morning Star in one hand they have their Costa coffee and Apple phone in the other. The way its all about "me, me, me" with most reps suggests PCS, yes even including their high paid full time officials, are as capitalist as everybody else (albeit they confused themselves with the act).

      The way they allow HMRC to behave they probably believe in authoritarianism but have little time for equalitarianism in reality. They are in itself to gain promotion and/or get protection from HMRC management (a protection racket?) and/or for a power trip and/or free paid time away from real work etc etc.

      The problem is there is no independence from PCS Union reps. If they can stich-up a member and help to protect a criminal rogue manager from necessary scrutiny for their misconduct, then they will do so. It makes you wonder what they are after in return?

      One definition of corrupt: "lacking in integrity". On the basis of that definition do I think PCS Union are as every bit corrupt as their thuggish mates in HMRC management? Yes I do!!

      People should do themselves a favour a not give a single penny to PCS Union and the dubious far left wing causes they support.

    6. PCS were so totally useless and corrupt when I was bullied, persecuted, and the victim of crime, all committed by the HMRC management that I'd do a deal with PCS - I'll let them keep the cost of the diaries but they can refund all my subs money paid to these 'left wing actors' over many years.

      I now think of PCS union as being like fraudsters - taking money and not giving the advertised service in return leading to the homelessness of the victim.

    7. How much is it the General Secretary of PCS Union gets paid from the membership's hard earned dosh? £100k plus I understand. PCS = a bunch of shameless hypocrites.