HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

HMRC's Surge and Rapid Response Team Vacancies

My thanks to a loyal reader, who sent me a link to a job advert for HMRC's Surge and Rapid Response Team.

What's that for?

Basically when HMRC get too many phone calls, it sends its surge team to man the phones, and when HMRC gets too many letters it sends its surge team to the post room.

All very well and dandy, except that HMRC is inundated with both phone calls and letters!

Anyhoo, here is an extract of the job description (which can be access in full via this link):
"We are offering an exciting opportunity to become an apprentice in the profession, and become part of the Surge & Rapid Response Team working across government departments. You will be dealing with different types of customers and delivering a range of public services, in a variety of locations. This expanding team has already enjoyed exciting and productive deployments in DWP, HMRC, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, the Home Office and Defra.

Your duties will vary and may change frequently; they will include: managing cases and resolving customer enquiries, using multiple government databases, using the telephone, writing letters/emails, using social media to communicate to customers and dealing with citizens face to face in a range of environments."
I understand that there are also similar openings in Croydon, on a higher salary (£22K-£24K).

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. And how the hell - if they're being used across a variety of different departments - are they going to be of any use to any one of them? All they could possibly do would be to follow scripts, which is largely the problem with the ones doing the jobs already.

    As ever, it's just a case of "get the percentage right, don't worry if the outcome's wrong".

  2. Surge and Rapid Response Team = CRISIS MANAGEMENT/UNDERSTAFFED !!

  3. Says Yoda, "Stuff this could you not up make."

    Seems that many departments have caught the same virus and closed call centres, despite the need for them. Obviously not worked out yet that to speak to someone or send a letter there needs to be someone at journeys end.

    So reduce the headcount or what you wish to call it and the net effect, surprisingly, is that waiting times increase, more calls go unanswered post gets unanswered or lost and e.mails fade into the ether.

    Add to this that none of the systems connect the dots with each other effectively along with typical crisis management and you get chaos with staff having to attend various locations when, given the technology available they should be able to do the job from a beach hut.

    "Exciting and productive deployments...range of environments." B.S.

  4. We put the customer at the heart of everything we do. ��. There are now over 200 "corporate communicators" pushing out a steady stream of bullshit good news stories. Everything in the garden is rosy!

    1. I have now deleted my Newsroom shortcut on the HMRC is bile inducing have to read all the gushing self congratulating bollox...not that there are any real brown nose is a success in itself and in turn leads to an achievement...which in see where i am going with this ?
      The real tax work is way,way down the pecking's blow your invisible trumpet and pick up your simply thanks voucher....what a joke !!!
      But don't worry hard earned wages are paying for this managerial clap trap.HMRC is a year round April Fool !!

  5. All you opportunists had better brush up on your scanning abilities pretty quick. Guess where the next panic reaction is required.

    Surge and rapid response teams - more like chickens with heads cut off.

    Old nautical phrase - "When in danger, when in doubt, shout and scream and run about." Just watch the management!

  6. I worked there and as bad as you think it might be, it is so much worse. Being scrutinised so closely about your "behaviours" (they're super important you know) the managers are openly bitching about staff and other managers when they aren't so drunk they're propped up by the 20 yr olds they're locking lips with on staff nights out.

    1. No fuckin' changes there then.

    2. I also worked on surge. Wish my managers where that "involved" with their staff.