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HMRC Is Shite
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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

No One Can Serve Two Masters

As loyal readers know, HMRC is a complex beast that has a preponderance for tying itself in knots.

As such it should come as no surprise that the appointment of Jon Thompson to replace outgoing chief executive Lin Homer in April, and Edward Troup to executive chair at HMRC is not as straightforward as it may at first seem.

The question has been asked by a number of people, who exactly is in charge of HMRC (given that there are going to be two executives)?

Good luck to the staff of HMRC who will have two masters.

Oh, and by the way, the appointment of Troup as Executive Chair is contrary to the UK Corporate Governance Code!

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. It's not the first time this situation has occurred. Remember the good old days of Leslie Strathie as Chief Exec, with red-and-white-striped windbag Mike Clasper as 'Chairman'? What could possibly go wrong?

    1. That should be Lesley Strathie, of course.

  2. Divide and Conquer?
    In computer science, divide and conquer (D&C) is an algorithm design paradigm based on multi-branched recursion. A divide and conquer algorithm works by recursively breaking down a problem into two or more sub-problems of the same (or related) type (divide), until these become simple enough to be solved directly (conquer). The solutions to the sub-problems are then combined to give a solution to the original problem. (Wiki)

  3. Ah, Mike Clasper. Now that's a name I'd could've gone without hearing again for the rest of eternity. What a total waste of space, time and (lots of) money. Talked a good game until there was a hint that he might have to actually DO something and then promptly mastered the art of invisibility (unfortunately not at the time he picked up his wages) before heading off to the next round of lucrative directorships. I wonder if there's anybody in HMRC who can recall a single meaningful thing he achieved in nearly five years?
    Re-reading the old Clasper articles on this site does provide plenty of laughs though.

  4. Ah yes, the glory days of Mike Clasper and his Vision and the Way. What a load of rubbish. Such a pity that he went on to pastures new. Edward Troup and Jon Thompson, regardless of which of them is in charge, should come and sort out the managers they have working at HMRC. Some of them need a reality check. When you have managers telling their staff to their faces that they are 'minions' and bragging that they have sacked staff and are happy to sack more, just how does that motivate staff? There's the attitude right there that is destroying HMRC and making it such a terrible place to work. Such a breathtaking lack of respect for the staff. It won't matter who is in charge. If the managers (and above) continue to alienate staff and make working conditions bad for them, they'll continue to have a workforce that won't want to go the extra mile for them and won't care about their jobs any more.

  5. On the subject of 'HMRC is a complex beast', if you want to shock yourself, take a look at the organisation chart on the website. HMRC has how many people at Director level and above?? Why is it that as the department supposedly shrinks, there are more and more senior managers?
    Looks like there are eighty or so villages currently minus their idiot.

    1. I am old Inland Revenue, then HMRC and I remember "directors" being introduced. Same thing now is happening at Academy Schools. Problem is once someone gets label director they think they don't have to work anymore.

  6. I was old style Customs, and I wouldn't trust this lot to direct an Ealing Comedy let alone HMRC.
    The earlier reference to village idiots is spot on, having any of this lot as Directors is definately depriving the relevant village of its idiot, in fact, the only reason to follow one of the idiots would be out of idel curiosity.
    The earlier reference to the bullying antics of management has been repeated and ignored for far too long.
    Someone needs to wake up.

  7. Could not be trusted to run an alcholic social gathering in a place where beer is made ;)

  8. In 1999 Edward Troupe commented that tax is "legalised extortion" and that seeking tax avoidance is "not immoral". Also, in response to Gordon Browns proposed general anti-avoidance rule put out a press release headed "City lawyers call on government to withdraw proposals to tackle tax avoidance".
    For a broader resume' of Troupe ideals see Private Eye issue 1413 p.38 Tax Avoidance Troup Movements. Quite enlightening background by Eye.

    An earlier page of the same edition P.38 entitled HSBC Bonus Balls is also enlightening eith regard to that stalwart of Knotty Ash comedy - Hartnett.

    I will leave it to Ken to dissect the articles for any use?

    All hail the Eye, aye?!

    1. Remember the old adage: There's no such thing as a free lunch. Unless you are Dave Hartnett.