Monday 16 May 2016

HMRC Recruiting Customer Service Consultants

WalesOnline reports that HMRC is recruiting 480 people for posts in the HMRC office in Cardiff. The full-time posts are for customer service consultants, and starting salaries are up to £20,000.

Meanwhile HMRC is preparing to close it existing office at Ty Glas, Llanishen and move to another site in the city. The Ty Glas tax office currently employs around 2,100 and is mainly a processing centre with some technical jobs. Those recruited for the new roles will be expected to handle incoming customer calls and where necessary resolve customer complaints.

The HMRC "strategy" is one of getting rid of experienced tax professionals, and replacing them with call centre operatives with little or no experience/understanding of tax.

Yes, that will work!

Oh and by the way, will HMRC please stop calling taxpayers "customers"!

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. yes lowly clerical staff to do a job management wouldnt be seen dead doing as they see revenue collection as beneath them , building our future events which the workers are excluded from because with the cat out of the bag on office closures the shit would hit the fan and 24 % of staff in the laughable staff survey planning to leave in 12 months -anyway the "digital journey " will deal with the problem of those departing luddites of which im one who think expert staff should be valued and there is a deterrent effect of boots on the ground, that perhaps it would help if staff actually knew what businesses did and that its unlikely that dishonest tax payers will include off recorb business on discs to be file interrogated by someone with a BA in Norse poetry -Barbara Mosedale QC queried why we call taxpayers " customers " -if they had a choice they would not deal with HMRC if you begged them to

  2. Quite agree anonymous 16 May 2016 at 16:45. There is now no hope. It's notable that the" Chief people person" ( head of personnel) is taking a career break. It looks like they are now seeing the writing on the wall. Out with the old ( experienced, trained, qualified, knowledgeable, revenue officers. In with the new ( call centre operators, data processors, corporate communicators, pacesetter practioners, change managers, digital transformation specialists, in fact anything which isn't directly to do with collecting tax. We're all doomed capt. Mainwaring.

  3. So the changes will save little money and adversely impact on tax collection & the service provided to the taxpaying public? Which highly paid manager came up with that great idea then? Expect them to be promoted soon.

  4. No one will have any clue how to do their jobs. Poor training no support from TL and 8minute call handling time

  5. Saddened to learn was I, probably like so many others, of the proposed demise of the Ty Glas Open Prison.
    Alas, no more will the sympathetic and supportive management 'encourage' staff to attend work when the Police are advising nothing but emergency travel be undertaken given the predicted blizzards.
    No more will staff have to exit past the post room (other exits are available) when suspicious parcels are therein.
    The delightful female car park 'Stasi' operator will no longer be able to waste time staring out of the window to report those travelling the wrong way around or parking badle (at least she was consistent).
    No more will the kitchen cleaning rosters have to be drwan up and adhered to or be punished. (must wonder how long before a toilet cleaning roster was introduced?)
    No more will anyone threaten disciplinary action for writing on a disused whiteboard (suitable pen of course).
    No more will staff have to sit at desks in overcoats, hats and scarves in the winter because their office is so fecking cold! (thats the problem when a building contract ends up with staff in a room formally occupied by main frame systems and a very high ceiling)
    And don't mention the fire brigade threatening to close the building down because the fire doors couldnt stop a pike in a poke and also blew ajar during high winds.
    Yes, I am sure the staff will miss this edifice when they transfer.
    I for one am prepared to make a contribution to a charity for the absolute pleasure of pressing the red button - (preferably with a few of the Muppets still in there) - a joke of course, but I am prepared to pay for the joy of pressing that red button and watching the House of Horrors drop...

    Lovely place to work, my arse!

  6. Visited a couple of times. Security guard delighted in informing us that the building was the shape of a swastika.
    Built on the site of a nuclear weapons factory and I understand full of asbestos.