HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Manners Maketh Man - Thank You For Paying Your tax

Never let it be said that HMRC is not a well mannered organisation, for it transpires that HMRC has started to send thank you letters to taxpayers who pay their tax on time.

The initiative is based on Australian tax etiquette, where taxpayers receive automatic thank you letters acknowledging the tax that has been paid.

This is all very nice, maybe, expect that according to the Telegraph taxpayers spent 4 million hours on the phone last year to HMRC. Therefore maybe not every taxpayer will be that impressed with this diversion of attention and resources.

Anyhoo Ruth Owen, HMRC's Director General for Customer Service, told PAC that trials of the 'thank you' letters had started in recent weeks:
"testing that with customers now to see what customers think about that”. 
There's the "C" word again!

Apparently results will be available within weeks.

Please feel free to give your views on these thank you notes.

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. What a complete waste of taxpayers money. Ruth Owen should take note that this is hard earned money we the public pay HMRC to run the department and it should instead been spent overall 'customer' service starting with picking up the phone a little quicker.

  2. Many a taxpayer asks for written confirmation or a written receipt when they phone the DMTC to make pyt. Giving the customer what they want?

    1. Bear in mind all electronic payments (that's most payments made to HMRC) will show on taxpayers bank statements and that is fine with most people Further to that hmrc also issue statements. What they are now proposing is a 'thank you' letter not a receipt and is a complete waste of public cash.

  3. so no money to give the staff a payrise ( 6 years and counting since the last one) but we can spunk money on crap like this?!?

    1. Yes that's right. Don't forget though that they did find the money to pay Lin Homer (and no doubt other incompetent senior 'management') a bonus of £20k which she said without any sense of shame reflected "a very good performance". I suppose someone else in the senior 'management' will now get a huge bonus for this latest great money wasting 'idea'.