Thursday 16 June 2016

You Pay Peanuts You Get Monkeys

As loyal readers know, HMRC is doing away with its Aspire contract in favour of shorter contracts with a wider range of suppliers.

In order to ensure a smooth transition from the contract, HMRC has set up a new government-owned company called Revenue and Customs Digital Technology Service (RCDTS). Its purpose is to directly employ private sector contractors who had been working for Capgemini.

However, there is a fly in the oinkment for those who switch from private to public; as there is an ongoing Treasury policy of limiting all annual payrises across the public sector to 1% until at least 2020.

This is ironic as Dearnley told PAC this week that the new company had been set up specifically to provide "a better employment offer for the staff coming in from the private sector", including better base pay and pensions than could be expected as direct employees of HMRC.

However, he is quoted by Public Technology:
"It is limited by the pay cap.

But it does have a different salary scale and remuneration structure, so in that, we've been able to put together what we believe is a much more appropriate offer for people coming in from the private sector."
"I'm sure this will be an ongoing topic of conversation with the Treasury over the next few years."
In other words this deal hasn't been agreed/signed off by the Treasury!

Seemingly more than a quarter of the private contractors, eligible for transfer into the civil service, have chosen not to do so.
"This was them making a personal choice that they either wanted a career somewhere else or they found a different job with a current employer, or it was their moment to retire or go off to do something different. 

That level of attrition that we saw was actually lower than we expected – but in line with the industry standard."
Maybe the civil service and the government needs to rethink how it rewards and retains people?

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. HMRC have known problems with the serious bullying of staff. While hmrc management go to great lengths to cover this up and then pretend it never happens they will never become an attractive place to work.

  2. Just wondering when there is going to be an apology from hmrc to the thousands of staff since the merger who have been treated like total shit. The BHS guy did it. When is some one from HMRC going to.

  3. Nah, its never been bullying, according to the management twats covering it up it has always been 'robust management'. Utter B.S. and a total abrogation of responsibilities morally and legally that was being covered up pre and post HMRC creation. I have seen it and been subject to it, and its widespread.

  4. Anybody complains and are immediately marked down on "behaviours" Ex Customs and Excise staff in tax were regarded as spivs who somehow cheated by producing large amounts of tax without filling in endless forms-what staff can look forward to now is endless forms to fill in which has fuck all to do with providing an efficient service to taxpayers but gives management, half of whom know nothing about tax, something to do, years of less than 1% pay rises, a crap IT system , hours of commuting to buildings in the middle of nowhere and a PMR system which favours mediocrity -thank Christ i will soon be out of it ..

  5. You and me both Anonymous18 June 2016 at 18:12.
    It all went to ratshit after the take over by IR .petty minded people who all suffer from OCD.

    1. Here we go again...C&E blaming IR....the same IR that was consistently the best department in Whitehall...and now in it's guise as HMRC is now the wouldn't have mattered who took over C&E,the shite lean/pacesetter system was gonna be rammed down our throats anyway.Your divide and conquer rhetoric is music to senior managements ears !!

  6. The IR that was the best department in the delusional eyes of its serving staff -note how many taxpayer complaints there are on indirect staff compared to the cock ups on APN,wrong codings, wrong tax year etc -nobody in Customs wanted the merger because they knew what was coming . anally retentive management with no idea of materiality, process obsessed with no interest in outcomes and promoting people left right and centre with no tax experience , an obsession with the Human Rights Act which has bugger all to do with tax in the majority of cases and a fetish for meetings to discuss the latest forms to fill out -theres no "divide and conquer" rhetoric , management have applied the Revenue model throughout so this is now a statistical organisation, not one collecting tax

    1. Anonymous19 June 2016 at 11:17
      You have summed it up perfectly. Will you marry me?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Anonymous 11:17....
      Read what my comment @ 8.07 says properly ....the word "was" might give you a clue...
      Everything you post above is 100% true...but believe it or not we did have a decent department albeit up to 15 years has been like the Titanic since then....i speak as a 30 year IR veteran but i don't blame the C&E merger for the mess we are in now....that lies squarely at the feeet of senior management and Government

  7. Absolutely no interest in the idyll that was the IR prior to the merger, or to be fair in bashing it now-i do remember the gent in the University milk round announcing with a straight face " i wouldnt recommend this job to my worst enemy "-you should remember you volunteered for the IR , i wouldnt have touched it with a barge pole, but each to their own .The Titanic analogy is correct , fortunately im now in one of the boats -no doubt management would have been criticising the band members for wrong notes and giving them adverse markings !

    1. I can only watch your lifeboat sail away...just say a prayer for the poor bastards that are sinking with this pile of included.....

    2. That one eyed Scottish prick is squarely to blame for this clustefuck. The cunt has ruined two departments who were doing just fine before his interference.

    3. That one eyed Scottish prick is squarely to blame for this clustefuck. The cunt has ruined two departments who were doing just fine before his interference.