HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Monday, 5 June 2017

Corporation Taxpayers Need To Login Twice

CCH Daily reports that taxpayers who submit returns using the HMRC free corporation tax service will receive an on-screen acknowledgement (‘Submission successful’ or ‘Submitted’) during online filing, but this does not confirm the final status.

This means that taxpayers need to doublecheck their entries, as it is not clear at this stage whether the return has actually been processed.

Those companies using the free service will have to login twice to check the dashboard to confirm whether the submission has been accepted. The dashboard is the only place to see the final outcome, which will be either ’Submission error’ or ‘Submission complete’, which means the filing was accepted.

Until the problem is resolved, HMRC is telling taxpayers to:
log back into the service following online submission and view the dashboard. You can track your submissions here to determine the final submission status anytime within 30 days of filing’.
It is not clear as to when HMRC will fix this problem, as they won't say!

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Not sure where to post this - PCS have just issued an email:

    "Members’ Briefing MB/014/17 provides an update on ‘Building Our Future’, including HMRC management’s admission that they have signed huge contracts for regional centres during the period immediately before an election; in clear breach of Civil Service guidance."

    1. "in clear breach of Civil Service guidance" - is a senior manager or the CEO going to be held accountable for this then?

      The general lack of accountability from people in positions of authority at HMRC is a cause for huge concern to all taxpayers. It once again raises the question that if those who are employed to enforce rules can not follow rules themselves, how can people trust them???

    2. Apparently David Gower would appear to have come across HMRC incompetence. Classic quote from him: "They completely fucked up". Keep calm, situation is normal at HMRC then.

    3. This will all be quietly swept under the carpet (if there's any left) and possibly the blame laid on those who have transported via the revolving doors recently?
      Anyway, far more important issues affecting HMG than a Purdah transgression which is not governed by statute but by guidance.
      Nothing to see here, move along now...;)

    4. They have an 'awkward' relationship with the truth - they believe it can just be manufactured at their whim - so I can quite see a situation where people who have left get the blame. The usual HMRC zero accountability...

  2. And HMRC expect us all to have faith in them that MTD will be a success? Unprofessional.

  3. What exactly is the cause of the company submission problem? Can an accountant offer a view?