HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Monday, 20 November 2017

HMRC 101st Out of 107 In Staff Engagement

My thanks to the loyal reader who posted this comment about HMRC's ranking in the people survey:
"101st out of 107 in staff engagement, yes thats bloody success isnt it. 1 in 9 reported being bullied, 61% not investigated. 33% didnt do the survey because we knew what wad going to happen with it. Pay and conditions score little improvement. Its a whitewash, no other word for it. How do these people sleep at night. The department is in crisis, come brexit it will be in meltdown. Rearranging the Deckchairs on the Titanic. As Churchill said "success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm" says it all really."
Please can someone provide me with a link to the ranking, I can't see it in the Civil Service link I posted the other day?


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  1. The HMRC bullying culture is alive and well. The latest staff results make that clear. This is having a real impact on their lives and careers of staff. It is also causing reputational issues for HMRC (and not being addressed) and will lead to only the very desperate wanting to work for them which could cause the Department to get into an even bigger mess than the current situation (yes, very frightening thought!!!).

    1. Reputational Issues? HMRC is already a failed organisation and the object of almost universal scorn and derision.

      It is not a question of if something will be wrong, it is just a question of scale and degree coupled with staggering and wilful blindness by those allegedly running the department, whose stock in trade appeals to be denial.

      "Your client owes us £1.2m"

      "No, long since agreed you owe them twice that amount and have done for 18 months. Pay up."

      "Errr.......I have no record of that. When will we get payment?"

      "See you in court"

  2. On our intranet news board - John Thompson's statement has been met by widespread derision, i have never heard so many half truths and utter bollocks, we are treated like village idiots. Morale is reaching even lower depths. BOF is going to be an unmitigated disaster too. All this happening while the government watch on.
    BTW here is a useful link - read the comments, it tells you all you want to know about what a sick joke the staff survey has become.

    1. HMRC just wouldn't be the HMRC we all know and 'love' without the toxic bullying culture!!

    2. A nasty toxic atmosphere run by bullyboys and control freaks (other oppressive working cultures are available)


  4. Yes It wouldn't be the place we know and love but that's no comfort to those having the life suffocated out of them destroys all confidence you ever had.

    1. I sympathise with 22/11 @ 16:41 as regards the sentiment expressed. Speaking as someone who lost their home and health at the hands of HMRC bullies (sadly all supported by the senior management) I know exactly how they feel. The way these thugs reinvent the truth when close to getting their collar felt is devastating to such a degree that it's all most unbearable.

  5. Average politician or member of the public don't give a flying fig.
    They would if they knew how many millions have and are being wasted as a result of dispicable management traits.
    Whether you be a customer or a taxpayer, employee or user of NHS, schools etc. it is hitting hard in terms of £'s and mental welfare.
    Arise sheeple!

  6. I know of one Customer Service area who fixed their results. From 38% engagement to 61%. Staff leaving in droves. Miraculously the completion rate went from 80 to 88%. Remember, you can complete as many staff surveys as you wish. All of the people who left HMRC have somehow filled the survey in really positively.............

  7. I know of many areas in HMRC, including my own, who since the results of the survey have brought in senior grade 'figures' to deliver an informal speech, where they express concern and invite feedback. Evidently, the area of the survey that alarmed them most were the responses given to 'managing change' and 'trust in managers'.

    The problem here is 'respect'. In some areas of the Civil Service, you will have members of management who deserve the uppermost admiration. A paramedic for example, who has saved countless lives, or a fire fighter who has got his hands dirty and shown incredible bravery.

    Now lets turn to HMRC. There are many (to clarify for fairnesses sake 'many' does not mean all of them)) 'characters', who have dodged,dived,weaved, stamped on people and blagged their way up the ladder who have never done a proper weeks work since they started with the organisation.They have no sense of shame, big ego's,enjoy bullying and playing power games, are vindictive, talentless, and nothing but piles of bubbling,frothy sewerage - yet, believe that they are deserving of 'respect' haha. The only 'respect' they will ever get is when they form self serving allegiances with their own ilk. Never to worry though as Karma eventually catches up these character and dishes out natural justice.

  8. Don't here much about the HMRC staff bullying culture nowadays.
    Take it Johnny has eradicated it, to bring it more in line with Christian values? Not any news of any sackings though...