HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

HMRC To Get 5,000 More Staff

A few days ago I noted that Jon Thompson was asking fro 5,000 more staff to cope with Brexit.

Well blinkey, blonkey, blimey his wish has been granted!

The 5,000 extra workers taken on next year will be employed by HMRC as it looks to implement a new border regime on leaving the EU.

The Independent reports that the Cabinet was told by David Davis many of the preparations “will be needed even in our preferred scenario of a bold and ambitious deal – for example, implementing either of our proposed customs arrangements will require investment in new systems and customs officers by HMRC.”

What could possibly go wrong?

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  1. 5000 jobs but who in their right mind would work for hmrc?
    huge problems with bullying,harassment & an aversion to truth
    huge problems with coverups and lawbreaking.

    Theresa May is going to introduce procedures for reporting bullying at work in Parliament
    What about HMRC's bullying issues?
    Jon Thompson, when u were made aware of allegations of lawbreaking by a manager what did YOU do as CEO to ensure the law was adhered to here?
    That'll be nothing then.

  2. And where the hell are they going to put them . The few remaining offices full to bursting with closures brought forward. My o my .

  3. Oh God, please no graduates who don't know the difference between their a**es and their elbows. Perhaps they could fix the printer problems.

  4. Recruiting graduates has, for the most part, been a huge failure. Many applied for one job but offerred another one but not told what the job involved (telling lies or just not telling the truth?). Fortunes spent on training them and paying their wages, then they leave necause its not the job they were promised. And yet no heads roll for wasting hundreds of thousands of pounds of OUR money.

  5. The concept will be a radical restructuring to split roles and responsibilities roughly along the lines of practical day to day work, one to deal with domestic tax revenues and the other dealing with imports and exports,sales taxes and duties.

    After a thorough rebranding exercise, these divisions will be called anything other than (a) Inland Revenue and (b) Customs and Excise.

  6. So we train these graduates up , the get skilled up, then leave to work for the private sector for £10k+ more. Yep that's going to work isn't it. I despair at these fuckers who brought the department to its knees culling the head count, and now have been fucked well and truly up the arse with Brexit. These ministers and senior civil servants are beyond incompetent, its gross negligence.

    1. Welcome to the circus that is the HMRC !!

    2. We won't be "training these graduates up" as there'll be no one left to train them. Unless you think reading an online manual written by someone who has never done the job and never going neat a real live business counts as training.

  7. For the complete rundown on how incompetent the government is in respect of brexit, is the place to go. 5000 staff could be recruited for sweet FA, as may and herloons have no idea what deal they'll end up with (her legatum buddies probably do though and it isn't good).