HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Thursday, 4 October 2018

HMRC Is a "Paragon" of "Smart" Working

I am delighted to report that HMRC has been declared a "paragon".

It seems that, according to a report from the public-service-focused think tank Reform, HMRC's recent progress in embracing new technology, introducing new hubs and offering staff flexible-working opportunities offers a blueprint for other Whitehall departments, .

According to Public Technology, HMRC's implementation of “smarter working” principles has seen 25,000 of the department’s close-on 70,000 staff receive tablet computers so that they can work wherever they are, at a time of their choice.

HMRC is also at the forefront of the government Hubs Programme, and is targeting the consolidation of its operations to 13 regional hubs by 2027 – a huge scaling down from the 600 offices it had in 2005 and the 144 it operated in the last financial year.

The Reform report notes that HMRC’s new Croydon hub, which opened in September last year, offers different types of workspaces – such as shared spaces for collaboration, quiet zones for intense work, and videoconferencing so that staff can participate in meetings without being in the building.

Report co-author Daniel El-Gamry said the experience of HMRC showed that it was vital for staff needs rather than new technology to be in the driving seat.
User-centred design is crucial because it embeds a culture of empathy with the employees’ actual needs, identifying their routine work challenges to create relevant solutions,” he said. “Therefore, rather than technological change being driven from the top, it is tailored around the needs of individual staff members.”
The report said initiatives such as HMRC’s distribution of tablets gave staff “more authority and autonomy” on how and when they worked.

HMRC permanent secretary Jon Thompson said the report showed the department was making “excellent progress” towards becoming a smart working organisation.
We’re improving the service that we give to taxpayers and the experience for our people working in HMRC.
Hat tip to Thompson, he actually avoided the use of the "C" word and referred to us as "taxpayers"!

The report also noted that HMRC was still 50% over the Cabinet Office’s target for space allocation per staff member – which it said was six square metres, according to the government’s The State of the Estate in 2016–17 report.

Well then, everything appears to be prefect!

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  1. All very good PR but what of the reality? HMRC is rife with bullying, harassment, intimidation, violence and the casual corruption of people employed in HR & management who are tasked with covering it all up.
    I have no doubt that the records kept by doctors, solicitors, mental health practitioners, trade union reps, members of parliament and others, the length and breadth of the UK, will show the horrific reality of the degrading and inhumane treatment inflicted on HMRC staff.
    HMRC are totally CORRUPT!!!

  2. More dishonest spin. The work has never been so totally bound up in process. Initiative has been virtually eliminated. For every individual working on a case there is at least 2 others assuring it.
    As for hubs - if you want to spend most of your day travelling on expensive, cramped public transport only to check your individuality in at the door - to be treated like a drone - then this is what you have.
    Social engineering in the workplace spearheaded by a Department that has the least engaged staff. Disgraceful

    1. Good comment. "For every individual working on a case there is at least 2 others assuring it." For the uninitiated this means disproportionate scrutiny of the people actually doing the work, while two thirds of staff, many of whom have no experience of the work they are "assuring", waste their time in fancy 'quality control' non-jobs.
      It doesn't lead to efficient results for the taxpayers, it creates a highly dangerous environment for staff health and has been responsible, in part, for creating scenarios leading to the casual corruption outlined above.

  3. More white noise blah blah blah from someone who hasn't got a real most of the higher grades in the HMRC....we have been forced to go to "success events" in our office....what successes you may ask....yep...the work we are being paid to do...they not treat it as a success...pathetic bastards !! Another few hours away listening (in a coma) to the HMRC brain washing mantra when we could be back at our desks doing some real work.

  4. Ok so why is the staff survey not reflecting this blurb too? Has anyone asked before dishing out this diatribe.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. What a crock!!

    The reality is that HMRC staff will be forced to spend hours extra commuting, only to end up at a 'hub' where they won't even have their own desk (hotdesking sucks).

    The reality is that HMRC don't give a monkeys about their staff, as their own staff surveys consistently point out.