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HMRC Is Shite
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Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Troup Cleared - Jobs For The Boys

Sir Edward Troup, former permanent secretary at HMRC, has been cleared to start a new part-time role as an external senior tax adviser at management consulting company McKinsey, although he is not permitted to give EU tax administrations Brexit-related advice.

The advisory committee on business appointments (ACOBA) has said that there are ‘some risks under the government’s business appointment rules’ with Troup’s new role at McKinsey.

One concern was that the appointment could be seen as a reward for decisions made in office, particularly as HMRC paid McKinsey £680,000 to help design a Brexit customs arrangement.

However, although Troup had some official contact with McKinsey while at HMRC, he was not involved with McKinsey regarding any paid advice that the business provided to HMRC. He also had no influence in contract letting or contract management as this was down to CEO Jon Thompson.

Therefore, the committee concluded that Troup’s new role was not a reward for decisions made while in office.

As per Accountancy Daily, the committee has allowed Troup to start the new role as long as the following conditions are met for two years from his last day in Crown service:
  • he should not draw on any privileged information available to him from his time in Crown office;
  • he should not advise EU tax administrations where that advice would be directly relevant to Brexit-related issues;
  • he should not work on UK tax affairs;
  • service he should not work directly or indirectly on the tax affairs of McKinsey or any of its clients other than overseas tax administrations;
  • he should not work on any matter which involves any dealings with any part of UK government or HMRC:
  • he should not provide advice to McKinsey or its partners or clients on a bid or contract relating directly to the work of HMRC; and
  • he should not become personally involved in lobbying the government on behalf of McKinsey or its clients.
Troup must also inform the committee if he plans to expand or change his role as he may have to make a new application to the committee.

Troup left HMRC on 15 January 2018.

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  1. He must need the money. A bit of part-time to bump up his meagre pension. Deeper pockets than a Kangaroo.

  2. The revolving door continues. Wonder what he knows of the violence suffered by HMRC staff during his time there? About time current and former Senior Management are held accountable for the inhumanity which happened on their watch.

  3. Snout remaining firmly in trough.

  4. Isn't he the fella that previously worked for a law firm specialising in tax avoidance?