HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

HMRC Is Ridiculous


The Telegraph reports that Judge Nicholas Aleksander has told HMRC its behaviour was "ridiculous" and "a scandal" after HMRC attempted to fine a homeless man £1,600 for filing his tax return late. 

The man, who had been a self-employed electrician, briefly returned to his native Poland in around April 2014 where he said his drink had been spiked with drugs causing him to lose his job and exhaust his savings when he returned to Britain.

He said he was evicted from the house in east London where he had been living and all his belongings were lost or stolen, including important documents.

He said he had been forced to sleep on the streets until moving into a hostel in January 2017, which led to him finding a job and permanent accommodation in April of that year.

HMRC issued penalties of £1,600, saying it had sent reminders to his previous address.

Judge Nicholas Aleksander found against HMRC.

The judgement reads:
HMRC's decision to pursue this man for penalties in the circumstances of this appeal is a scandal. For HMRC to expect a homeless person to keep HMRC up-to-date with their address is ridiculous – and just needs to be stated to show its absurdity.
HMRC is ridiculous!

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  1. HMRC staff risk homelessness too. If Sir Jonnie's thugs (management & hr) come for them their health & career will be destroyed leading to homelessness. I know this as I was a victim once. Now running a successful business i laugh at the scumbag fuckers but want to help other survivors going they this and persuade job applicants to steer clear of the organisation.

  2. Will take something seriously shocking to get any of this lot arraigned.
    The word Teflon springs to mind currently.

  3. Thompson,as I post,is getting roasted by his staff after producing another Intranet blog trying to justify the shite wages HMRC staff receive...claiming he is fighting for us and that he won't take away our terms and conditions....complete bollox....he is one lying bastard.

    1. The scumbag lies to MPs...he isn't going to give two flying f*cks about the pesky staff...people he appears to believe are fair game to be relentlessly bullied if they complain about misconduct & disciplinary 'lapses' by management!!
      Some people , like a few on here, get it , others need to catch up fast. What is happening.

  4. When that £2 million pension kicks in, he won't lose much sleep on the concerns of the peasants. The lives ruined, professionally and medically. As with the above post, people are just a number.


    Another box ticking exercise before our born again Sir decides it's too much for him and retires on his fat pension....what a cunt !!

    1. There We Are Then See!
      An absolute cover-up, the worst possible option which will ensure that civil and criminal lawbreakers are not brought before the courts let alone an opportunity to get IOPC into the festering mass.
      Absolute shame, but predicted and warned about on many an occasion.

    2. If we are talking about box ticking.

      The office I worked in ticked everyone of the boxes as far as Laura Whyte's Respect at Work Reports misdeeds were concerned.

      Plus a few more besides.

      Will anything happen to the nasty vermin who manage that place?

      They will more than likely get promoted!

    3. Look, a squirrel...!

    4. Look at the 100s of comments re HMRC's 'toxic culture' on previous Civil Service World articles. But not one on this. Why? About 6 months ago CSW suddenly stopped people leaving comments without registering an account. Not usually one for conspiracy theories however when considered injunction with a few facts:
      1. CSW need the likes of Sir Fatty & the 'comms team' to provide them with stories,
      2. HMRC have a long & brutal history of crushing dissent (making it totally unsafe for HMRC staff to risk registering for an account),

      then it doesn't take too much intelligence to join up the dots. Stalin would be proud.

      PS. Reflecting on the sad passing of the great Gordon Banks who did not receive a well-deserved knighthood (apparently due to civil service cock-up) it forces people to once again look again at how wrong the Honours system. Sir Jonny Cover-Up and Dame Homer Simpson should be stripped of their 'honours' for presiding over a department which has inflicted harm on a massive scale, not least to the long-suffering staff. If this sort of behaviour was tolerated in the home people would quite rightly be charged with domestic violence offences.

    5. It's the propaganda of the civil service that has enabled things to become so bad.

      The growth of HMRC communications team - full of low calibre journalists with zero knowledge or interest in tax.

      Spoon fed stories by the senior management, they take the story as Gospel. They don't verify facts.Their only interest is to talk up the organisation.

      Dangerous stuff.

      It then becomes impossible to tell the truth.

      This tone is then adopted throughout the organisation.

      No challenges to the party line are allowed.

      Very similar to the fairy tale of the Emperor's New clothes. ...except if you draw the parallel - the little boy would be silenced!

      This is why it's crucial that this site keeps the issues alive. The story shouldn't be allowed to be swept under the carpet.

      Those at the top who have presided over this disgraceful culture should be held accountable.

  6. Thompson still floundering on HMRC Intranet over his defence of shite 9 pages of criticism and his defence "it's a complex question".....fuck off you wanker.
    You came in all guns blazing..a new broom who would listen to his are captain of the Titanic...shocking people survey results....and looming large is a are one tosser.
    But then again you might have announced your retirement before then.
    Good riddance.