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HMRC Is Shite
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Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Where Squatteth The Toad of Truth in HMRC?

ContractorCalculator reports that HMRC has conceded it is unable to substantiate claims that the contractor press has misrepresented comments by HMRC officials concerning ‘blanket rulings’ in response to the public sector Off-Payroll rules.

Documented in the minutes to the 21 November 2018 IR35 Forum meeting, HMRC alluded to ‘articles posted online in the contractor press’, which it claimed had made ‘allegations against a named HMRC individual’, adding: ‘HMRC was clear that it is inappropriate for an official to be named, and that the articles had misrepresented what had been said.’

However, in responding to a Freedom of Information (FOI) request from ContractorCalculator, HMRC acknowledged that it had no supporting evidence to support its claims.

This comes just a week after tax barrister Keith Gordon published a letter written to the Financial Secretary to the Treasury, in which he expressed concern about HMRC’s integrity, noting:
It is my view that no-one can safely rely on the veracity or accuracy of any statement uttered by HMRC on the mere basis that the statement is being made by a public servant.’ 

This may well be applicable to other matters pertaining to HMRC, various in house "problems"/screw ups and the behaviour of some of its staff.

Therefore I ask:

Where squatteth the Toad of Truth in HMRC?

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  1. Did I read recently that one of the sticking plaster cures for the hard border is for Customs (whover that may be) to undertake lorry/freight exams whilst crossing the Irish Sea?
    1. It's illegal to be on the car deck underway. H&S, SOLAS,
    2.It's highly dangerous. H&S, SOLAS, common sense even
    3. It's extremely cramped between vehicles.
    4. It won't work as you can't empty the trailer or back of lorry at sea - no space, no equipment, no way.

    Is there a plan B, oh yes, maybe trader compliance based integrity checks!

  2. There are lots and lots of hard borders around the world that cope with freight and movement of people. Stop making lame excuses if it needs a solution it can be found for a tiny little country like Ireland.

    1. Stop being a twat. There was 30,000 troops along the British border in Ireland during the conflict. Hundreds of border checks, hidden surveillance equipment, massive watchtowers. The IRA still controlled areas of South Armagh, East Tyrone, and moved equipment back and forth.

  3. But, but, there is not going to be a hard border, is there?