HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Jon Thompson Number 5 On The Financial Power List 2019

Compiled by the Accountancy Age editorial team, the Financial Power List 2019 ranks the 50 individuals who we believe will make the biggest difference in the accountancy industry over the next 12 months.  Individuals considered for the list span government, practice and business. Their status or role does not guarantee their position in this ranking, but rather we have chosen individuals who we think will have an impact in one way or another based on what changes they are predicted to spearhead, whether that be in government policy, tax changes, regulation, firm growth, or industry diversity.

In at Number 5...

5. Jon Thompson, CEO, HMRC
In April 2016, Jon Thompson was appointed as the CEO of HMRC. For the three years prior to this date, Thompson was the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Defence, and thus responsible for the likes of policy, finance, and planning.
Now, he is responsible for a government body with 45 million customers and 58,000 employees.
With Making Tax Digital coming into effect this year, and Brexit on the horizon, Thompson will be expected to ascertain that HMRC is prepared to handle the changes.

Oh, and for your amusement, in 2015 I was ranked number 40:

40 (NE) Ken Frost
In and out of the Power List since his anti-ICAEW/CIPFA merger campaigning in the mid-Noughties, his recent posts on the cheekily named HMRCIsShite blog seem to have invoked illuminating spleen-venting among the taxman’s staff – we expect even more to follow in what will be another tough year for HMRC.
Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. You will be on the scene a lot longer than that muppet. He wont be on the power list when he gets his (not so) little pension pot.

  2. The fat man has failed. Failed the country. Failed the exchequer. Failed the staff. Failed to abide the Civil Service Code. Failed to stamp out the staff bullying & corruption culture. If he were a junior civil servant in the DWP he would have been investigated and sacked. Nasty scum.

  3. "chosen individuals who we think will have an impact in one way or another based on what changes they are predicted to spearhead"?
    In the above quote lies a clue wrt the use of the word impact:-
    'in one way or another'

    "Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!" (Sir Walter Scott, 1808).
    Time will judge the candour of those few words, especially with the looming storms of MTD, Brexit, Law Breaking etc. etc.

  4. Just you wait until the full horror of the MTD fiasco can no longer be hidden and that "Tax Gap" refuses to close because a lot of it does not exist other than as projections from rather iffy data.

  5. Will the door revolve before any of the looming catastrophes impact?
    An example from 13:03 above might be if the mirage that is 'Revenue Protected' evaporates around 29th March realisation that no=one thought to order new stamps for the authorisation process of imports and exports?
    Imagine, the pillars of sand collapsing when it is realised that 'Revenue Protected' is not an asset.

    "How companies fudge figures to dress up their accounts"

    Read more at:

  6. Revenue Protected is the level of tax revenue that is protected through detecting goods where excise duty has not been declared.

    Am i reading this correct....HMRC are stating that the non declared tax is actually tax gained....while in reality it should be put down as neither a loss or gain ??

  7. At 13.53 Correct.

  8. It may not be determined by detection . A trader might apply for an excise regime. The trader may not meet all the conditions and could be refused. The officer may then declare all the projected tax liability as future revenue benefit. Not a prudent accounting but widely applied to exaggerate performance.

  9. Creative accounting.
    There is also Future Revenue Protected. A bit like A x B + Q = Z

  10. Revenue protected, future or otherwise is a farce.
    An example is say 1m cigarettes seized from an organised criminal gang/enterprise (OCG/E). Estimate the revenue as £1/4m.
    Gang imports through container trade, so the 1m represent about 1/3 of a container load.

    Gang imports 1 container/month, 3m x 12 = 36m x £0.75m revenue.
    So, if the gang is found guilty and jailed for 12 months the Revenue Protected/Future Revenue Protected = £27m (36m x £0.75)

    These are the calculations of the madhouse.

    Well the OCG/E that was taken out was serving an established and regular market. The market remains, as an ex. smoker I know the addiction factor of fags to be strong and hard to drop.

    So, do you think that the established market for 36m fags/year has gone away, or is it still being served?

  11. Back to basics

    ‘integrity’ is putting the obligations of public service above your own personal interests
    ‘honesty’ is being truthful and open
    ‘objectivity’ is basing your advice and decisions on rigorous analysis of the evidence
    ‘impartiality’ is acting solely according to the merits of the case and serving equally well governments of different political persuasions

    You must:
    ulfil your duties and obligations responsibly
    always act in a way that is professional5 and that deserves and retains the confidence of all those with whom you have dealings6
    carry out your fiduciary obligations responsibly (that is make sure public money and other resources are used properly and efficiently)

    comply with the law and uphold the administration of justice

    You must:

    set out the facts and relevant issues truthfully, and correct any errors as soon as possible
    use resources only for the authorised public purposes for which they are provided

    You must not:

    deceive or knowingly mislead ministers, Parliament or others
    be influenced by improper pressures from others or the prospect of personal gain

    You must:

    provide information and advice, including advice to ministers, on the basis of the evidence, and accurately present the options and facts
    take decisions on the merits of the case
    take due account of expert and professional advice

    You must not:

    ignore inconvenient facts or relevant considerations when providing advice or making decisions
    frustrate the implementation of policies once decisions are taken by declining to take, or abstaining from, action which flows from those decisions

    You must:
    carry out your responsibilities in a way that is fair, just and equitable and reflects the Civil Service commitment to equality and diversity

    You must not:
    act in a way that unjustifiably favours or discriminates against particular individuals or interests

    f you become aware of actions by others which you believe conflict with this code you should report this to your line manager or someone else in your line management chain; alternatively you may wish to seek advice from your nominated officer. You should report evidence of criminal or unlawful activity to the police or other appropriate regulatory authorities. This code does not cover HR management issues.

    Part copied from
    The Civil Service Code

    1. Surely you must know that the civil service code only applies to the little people

    2. Fatman failed on all levels then.

  12. Power? My arse !!! He's nothing but a puppet! Hand picked by Osborne to do the Tories bidding!