HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Wednesday, 7 August 2019

HMRC's £112M Microsoft Deal

Public Technology reports that HMRC has gained central approval for Microsoft (the company that routes its sales through Ireland) licensing deals worth £111.75m, according to data published late last month. 

The department received the green light for spending of £106m on ‘Microsoft Licence E5’ on 25 March. Microsoft’s Office 365 Enterprise E5 licences usually include Skype for Business, security and compliance features and Power BI analytics, as well as the suite’s standard software. It also gained approval to spend £4.9m on Office 365 on 22 January, and a further £850,000 on the same on 22 March.

HMRC’s current chief digital and information officer Jacky Wright is on a two-year secondment from Microsoft, scheduled to end this October. HMRC’s annual report published in July said:
She does not participate in any commercial decisions specifically concerning Microsoft.” 
When I was an auditor many moons ago, training to be an FCA, we were always told that we should not just be independent, but look independent!

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. There is no smoke without fire!
    The only way to restore any confidence in this situation would be a totally independent, unbiased and non-politically motivated enquiry - good luck with that then?

  2. Yes, I agree. It doesn't really add up why someone from Microsoft on a (cough) 'secondment' can be at the forefront of so many deals.

    Would it not be better perhaps if HMRC developed their own cloud systems instead of outsourcing? The concerns I have are detailed in the article below. Specifically, with the management of data. The article stipulates "managed, protected and exploited appropriately". In addition, the requirements to conform to GDPR rules and penalties for non-compliance. Are HMRC doing that? Answers on a postcard please.

    The amount of information the department holds is ripe for misuse in the wrong hands. Are you telling me that Amazon can't get access to it at the touch of a button?. Cambridge Analytica and Facebook is one example. Mondo Bank asked their customers (about 100,000) to change their PIN codes yesterday because somebody didn't do what they were meant to.

    HMRC are ASKING for trouble.

    No doubt some muppet will be moved sideways, nominated for a gong or promoted via the revolving door.

  3. We are governed by a far right, aggressively capitalist, big business friendly party which has been democratically elected.
    They will continue to move as much money as they can from the public to the private sector because that is at the core of their political philosophy.
    And the public and media won't give a damn.
    This is where we are as a country, and Brexit with it's inevitable "it's all their fault it went wrong" bloodletting still to come.

  4. She is behind this in some shape or form, mark my words, there is going to be a shitstorm if we have a Cambridge Analytica type scenario.

    1. Not a problem. If the worst happens, they will just say 'sorry' and be admonished of any responsibility.

  5. Does the Law of The Land not apply to scondees?
    Never mind Civil Service Rules.
    Can anyone remember when Civil Servants and The Civil Service were respected and admired for their impartiality/ some time ago now and a few governments since then, add in the mix of PPE, CP and Lean/Pacesetter and you see the result!?