HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

PCS Calls HMRC's 2% Pay Rise "Derisory"

HMRC's proposals to impose annual pay rises of up to 2.08% for its lowest paid staff have been attacked by the Public and Commercial Services Union.

PCS said that HMRC was locked in an “embarrassing spectacle” of having to uprate its own lowest pay band on an annual basis to make sure it complied with the earning minimum set by government.

The union said HMRC had told it that the rise would be paid at the end of next month, fully consolidated and backdated to 1 June.

It gave a range of 1.86% to 2.08% for the rises and said the award would be worth from £360 a year for administrative assistants based outside London to £1,410 for grade 6 staff based in the capital.

PCS said it would be convening members’ meetings on pay in September and later in the month would meet outgoing perm sec Sir Jon Thompson for a final time.

That's all very nice and dynamic. However, Thompson is leaving, what is the point of meeting him in September when he will be already mentally (albeit not physically) long gone from HMRC?

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  1. That's not all folks. Apparently they are also looking to change our working contracts stealthily and offer you more if you sacrifice your terms.

  2. I remember Lin Homer visiting our office around 2014.

    Her firm opinion was that if you, as an employee of HMRC, wanted a pay rise then get yourself promoted.

    She didn't seem to understand that for the majority of staff it was a struggle and that below inflation pay rises were actually a real terms cut!

    Fast forward to the present day and we have seen the worst types of people move from Officer to Grade 7.

    It is seen as normal to demand an increase in results every year whilst awarding below inflation pay rises.

    The current tactic is for HMRC to trade off hard won conditions for small uplifts in pay.

    A nasty mean spirited organisation that rewards a few nasty mean spirited individuals with cheap promotions who in turn crush the majority of decent hard working staff.


    1. Its known as motivating your most important asset, ensuring that you are fully engaged with same to guarantee that top awards are paid to management.
      Or crap management in the real world.

    2. Just delay them and stall them. They cannot sack you. I have personally been doing this as they don't backfill vacancies expecting me to work harder. If you let them away with it they keep doing it. Let them get into shit for it.

    3. It really is a "nasty mean spirited organisation". As a former staff member, I have recently suffered a further severe mental breakdown as a consequence of persistent emotional abuse & torture meted out by HMRC management. Evidence of this, including of criminal behaviour by a manager, was disgracefully ignored by Lin Homer, Jon Thompson & William Hague (the former HR chief). I was let down by PCS union abandoning me due to the senior local rep being a friend of a key wrongdoer. Moreover, Serwotka & the aggressive head of legal services at PCS, ignored my complaint over this abandonment, which allowed HMRC to ride roughshod over me & the law of the land. I fear HMRC will only have been emboldened by how they got away with their cover up - so well done you, PCS losers.

      Too many HMRC managers have much in common with criminals in the level of deceit they deploy in covering up bullying and lawbreaking.

      If you work for HMRC you have to expect to be treated in a disrespectful & discriminatory manner. Also expect to be failed by the corrupt PCS Union - as I read they are doing, as usual, with the current pay issues.

      To those currently being bullied in HMRC, stay strong. To those considering working for HMRC, don't do it unless you're comfortable with being bullied, comfortable with being stitched up by corrupt managers, comfortable with being forced out of your job at a time of their choosing and comfortable working for a value & morals free misfit of an organisation.

    4. Your effect is diluted by repetition and content which weakens your position. Shorten your postings and be more succinct.
      Do not change the overall message though and never give up as your words do ring true.
      Good luck.

    5. I know that we are going around in a seemingly endless circle on this but I have to ask @10:58 the following questions:
      1) have you passed your evidence of criminal behaviour to a law enforcement agency (police or CPS). If so what was the result.
      2) if not why not? Why would you choose to post repeatedly on a niche site like this rather than gain justice against those who you claim have so grievously wronged you?
      A sensible reply would be to.

  3. They are going to get a dose of reality when staff move to the RC in Stratford, they are going to struggle even more with recruitment and retention with the derisory salaries HMRC are offering when working in London when you think of the rise in travel costs and generally higher cost of living in the capital. Who wants to work for the peanuts HMRC will be paying when you can get £10k+ more for a similar job in the private sector. Another fuck up on the horizon. They can shove their job in 2 years time i'll be taking my pension before the bastards can steal any more of it from me with their immanent changes to staffs conditions. Things have reached breaking point now, staff have had enough of the lies and underhand tactics of excom and the treasury.

  4. Would these be the same PCS idiots who have agreed we now have to provide cover til 5pm on the phones regardless of your hours or circumstances while being threatened with disciplinary action if you don't? Wellness and Respect at Work is a pile of shite not helped by a spineless union who have just increased fees by 50p for a 'fighting fund'!!

    1. A full hour has been 'successfully negotiated' so that you can be told how much you are being shafted. Have it and like it. Yeah, it's a shit deal. Hey, you haven't had anything decent in over a decade. We will mention that it won't cover the train fares going up next time the fuckpigs allow us to speak to them at the GEC. Piss on them all. Rant Over Part Two.

  5. PCS have done little or nothing for HMRC - other than taking their Union sub's.

    I lost my job a while back after 20+ years, and while the local rep was good, I got the feeling there was no appetite for a fight - and certainly no thanks to PCS's failures to challenge HMRC absence policy.

    And with moves to Regional Centres, many more staff will be shafted by longer commutes, higher city expenses etc etc.

    All areas that PCS have failed to fight - along with pensions, Pacesetter, terms on promotion and many other areas.

    They've been content to sit back for over a decade and let staff be walked over - and this will be no exception. Some sabre rattling for the members, but no strike or other actions taken.

  6. Just logged onto this site after a couple of years absence. The post on 29/08/2019 @ 10.58 first paragraph. This could have been written by my partner former HMRC employee and mirrors her experience from four years ago. The PCS dropped out as we approached the ET. HMRC had an Employment lawyer. My wife and I prepared her case and she represented herself. Over the weekend the DD sent a four page document to be submitted to the court on the Monday morning. We were fucking shafted, with no way to test / counter any of the spurious and downright lies/information within it. Needless to say a succession of managers were rolled out to squash her little self.
    The only sense of justice we obtained was later an employment barrister noticed HMRC had slipped up with a particular managers actions. They paid my wife £10k within weeks to go away. Small recompense financially but the mental anguish and suffering was and still is there.

    1. @ 20:10 25/9 - thank you for your well reasoned insight into the downright abusive conduct of HMRC and PCS.

      Your account really resonates. After HMRC broke numerous employment laws, after making a grievance as the first step to resolving the matters, Mr Barker in HR contacted all the managers complained of, to arrange a meeting to, in his own words (per an SAR) "plot a clear path forward". Dirty behaviour and contrary to their own grievance investigation rules (and the ACAS code) as the first step should have been to pass it to a grievance investigator. It was clearly dishonestly designed to be an opportunity to fit their story around the evidence. Their conduct went on to a lot more abusive...and led to despair and feelings of suicide as the matter was never resolved.

      Likewise, my experience of PCS is very, very similar. Nasty and horrible people.

      The guilty should have been sacked. As a taxpayer I don't want dishonest, low integrity people anywhere near public service.

      All the best.

  7. Can I ask what department she was in and why PCS dropped out? I think we deserve better representation for our fees. They onlt seem to back guaranteed wins. That's not why we pay our subs.