HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Friday, 19 September 2008

Trouble in Store

Trouble in Store

Result of HMRC Pay Consultative Ballot

The results of the consultative ballot of PCS members in HMRC on the 2009 pay offer are as follows:

Do you agree to reject the pay offer?

Number voting YES ........................... 23,801 (83.48% of valid vote)
Number voting NO ............................ 4,710 (16.52% of valid vote)
TOTAL 28,511 (100% of valid vote)

Would you be prepared to take part in additional action short of strike in HMRC, including an overtime ban, over and above any action called following a national ballot of PCS members?

Number voting YES ........................... 23,289 (81.81% of valid vote)
Number voting NO ............................ 5,177 (18.19% of valid vote)
TOTAL 28,466 (100% of valid vote)

National pay ballot to begin on 24 September

It is envisaged at this stage that if members across the union vote in favour of action then national strike action will follow in early November, followed by waves of action in the period up to January 2009. As part of this national action we are in discussion with our counterparts in other sections of the union to consider joint action to take place over a specific week in this period, as well as playing our part in supporting a civil service wide overtime ban throughout this three month period of initial action. In addition to the national action, and on the basis of today’s HMRC pay ballot result, we are also engaged in further discussion with the national union in relation to the additional action we may be able to ask PCS members in HMRC to take in furtherance of our own demands for fair pay in HMRC.

Source PCS

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Can you bring this strike action foreward a couple of weeks boys and girls? I won't have to pay my corporation tax then.

  2. Will they still fine me if I miss the deadline? Even though they'll have a huge backlog?

  3. In answer to your question dave, the answer is yes !

    You have to get your SA return in by 31 Jan 09 with payment.

    HMRC then have the rest of the year to lose it !