HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Post Procedures

HMRC is introducing a new procedure for handling incoming post on enquiry cases. Documents will be scanned and allocated electronically to HMRC's case files. The documents will then either be returned to the sender, or securely destroyed.

Testing of the new procedure began in March 2011, the roll out will occur in September. However, there is some concern over what HMRC will do with the original documents after scanning.

Whilst some documents (eg P60s, birth, death and marriage certificates, passports) will be returned, others will be securely destroyed within 40 days unless the sender asks for them to be returned.

Various professional bodies have advised HMRC that it needs to be clearer as to what it will automatically return. As such HMRC has issued an update stating that it is now reviewing its policy for returning original documents.

A further update will be issued in due course.

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Ahh, glory days of the 103rd eh!?
    Another one you couldn't dream up, so well thought through that it has already been amended with further room to move intimated within the amendment.
    Left hand, right hand, booze up in brewery.
    I bet this one becomes a "customer centric experience" to be remembered.
    And who will be securely destroying this documentation etc? Why, a contractor on the back of a lorry that's who!
    You must remember the fuss over the 2 discs "disappearance" and all the other data security issues?
    Happy about your confidential data now are we?

  2. It will go tits up and someting will be lost becuase HMRC cant simplfy procedures, even ones to do with post never mind VAT etc.

    But those in Senior positions will run away like cowards with instructions to the Arse Licks to blame the AA who had the unfortunate luck to be on scanning duties that day. His or her name will be announced in Parliament, and then they will be banged up in a obscure hotel somewhere like Howard Hughes in his later days.

    A first class bunch of Muppets.

  3. Muppets, Muppets!
    How dare you darken the memory of Jim Henson?!
    As said before, Statler & Waldorf would have a field day with this lot.
    Beaker the lab tech would be squeaking all the way to the shredder with a trail of discs, letters and printed e.mails following behind.
    Gonzo would have lost the plot entirely and cute little Kermie would be insisting that Pacesetter would see things all right in the end.
    Who would be the voice of reason amongst all this, why Miss Piggy of course, hmmmph!

  4. just been to my first pacesetter meeting today.just a quick line to say OLD TOSH & BOLLOCKS doesnt even come close

  5. So why don't they just take queries and documents by email instead then?

    (Or via a secure online portal?)

    It would save me the hastle of having to photocopy my documents incase they go missing in the post when I apply for my refund!

  6. This lot couldn't think outside the box even without the lid and sides on!
    So totally out of control it defies belief, so totally unaccountable as to be breathtaking.
    There is a lack of conscience involved that should give cause for concern with a wider audience.
    Pacesetter, a bit like a fairy tale, add some evangelical zeal from the "Practitioners" a twist of smoke and mirrors with a hint of repitition and what do you get?
    Well its a bit like maths really, as the square root of feck all is still feck all no matter how you dress it up!
    Tax does not have to be taxing...

  7. This was the straw that broke the camel's back for me and made me resign. (And my complete prick of a manager) Caseflow, the system that stuff will be scanned to, is simply not fit for purpose. The team I worked on was supposed to be trialling this piece of crap and I simply lost the will to live. 27 years of service and now I'm out the other side. Bet your bottom dollar I will be asking for everything back.
    By the way, I spoke to an Inspector the other day and asked for her gsi e-mail address, only to be told that she couldn't correspond by e-mail "for security reasons". As I remember, "gsi" stands for Government Secure Internet. Form your own conclusions.

  8. 00.49

    I have a gsi address also and have been told that because of data security issues I am not allowed to receive external emails from the public.
    This is after we were told to reduce the amount that is printed - when I suggested sending it by email I was told it wasnt a secure method of communication - go figure .....


    They have all got eye's in them!

    The human eye can differntiate about 10 million colours (wikipedia).

    HMRC can't even differentiate between black and white!

  10. Further to my previous post (27/5/11, 00.49) it occurs to me that as Inspectors have virtually no discretion as to how to conduct a case these days, and anything worth more than ninepence has to be submitted to some muppet up the line, everything will need to be printed off anyway as "Head Office" will not accept anything other than a paper file. Don't blame them as it happens, but it begs the question, why run two systems in parallel? Oh sorry, I forgot, some nincompoop wanted to make a name for himself and probably get the MBE to keep himself warm at night.

  11. Someone should be looking at how much paper this bunch of morons is getting through, why?
    Well if you are spending £bns. on IT wtf are you spending hunndreds of millions on paper, copiers and seperate printers and shredding - I bet you could supply every kids pet rodent in the world on the volume of paper they generate and I bet Pacesetter couldn't even get near to the real figures out of the meaningless stats gathered!
    But they will tell you they are environmentally sound, green and ethically responsible - BULLSHIT!
    It's not their money, they don't care despite what the mission statements may proclaim.