HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Printer Problems

Mr Munnings

Taxation reports that HMRC have been having a wee bit of bother with their printer.

It seems that approximately 40,000 SA316 notices, intended to remind taxpayers to submit a self assessment tax return for the year 2010/11, were sent out showing the incorrect tax year for the return required:

- 2009/10, rather than 2010/11!

The error allegedly occurred in the Fujitsu Print centre, resulting in the SA316 notices being put into the wrong batch.

Those who receive the erroneous 2009/10 reference will be sent a letter of apology, a new SA316 notice and be asked to destroy the original notice.

Altogether now!

"I line up all the letters with spaces in between,
And clamp them in the printing press a wonderful machine.
Posters are in capitals, bold and fat and tall,
But the printing in the daily news is often rather small.

Now the inky roller comes down the type and back,
And makes the letters ready to be printed clear and black.
I check the pile of paper for every single sheet,
Will be printed by the inky type with letters clear and neat.

When they have a flag day I print the little flags,
Notices and labels and even paper bags.
I make the letters stand up straight and keep the paper clean,
Then the job will be as good as anyone has seen.

(Factoid: Mr Munnings is the printer in Trumpton and the above is his song)

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. What hope for the future when they obviously ccan't get the basics right.
    This is what happens when you outsource the output you outsource the quality control, but wait, isn't Pacesitter based on a robust system of QA/QC, oh that don't count if it's Feckjitsu though does it?
    What next, sorry the bailiffs (DCA's or Debt Collection Agents) took your door off it's hinges due to a printing problem, here's a book token to compensate!
    But they are talking up engagement between staff and management like no tomorrow, perhaps "special measures" are having an effect.

  2. Panic over, the government are working on a replacement for HMRC.

  3. Watch out ExCom, rumour has it that the navy SEALS have you next on their hit-list of villains to be removed.

    If you value your pension pots, go now while you have the chance.

  4. So, firstly which charities and why?

    RNLI - the ship is on the rocks and breaking up, this charity could save the crew at least with all costs covered by public donations and should the RNLI crew save the ship as well they could claim salvage, and be taxed on the proceeds plus VAT at current rate, less costs of course, but then if you running costs are covered by donation isn't that a benefit in kind? Feck it, cheaper to let the ship sink and press-gang the crew into the new call centre....

    RNMDSF* - having been "deep sixed" (sunk) the only method to recover the wreck would be to trawl the depths for it

    Ken Dodd Appreciation Society, a registered charity - have you ever been tickled missus?

    Greenpeace - bit of a challenge this one given the current useage of resources by HMRC, whoops there goes another forest...

    Help The Aged - no other fecker is, so let them help themselves and run the call centres in the process, the service would be informed, civil and polite and if they were responsible for answering letters as well as the phones, wow, engagement!

    Last but no means least....
    Guide Dogs For The Blind (no disrespect intended to this or any of the other charities) but only this charity could help SCS/Excom and the rest of the pacesetter visually impaired find their way out of this mess.

    * Royal National Mission fto Deep Sea Fishermen

  5. U.S. Navy Seal Team 6
    Motto - "The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday"
    Pretty apt really
    Well done Seals, and look forward to you cleaning up hmrc on your next day off.