HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Advice To Mike Clasper

Dear Mike,

Re yesterday's meeting with AccountingWeb:

1 Taxpayers are not customers

2 HMRC is not a farking business!

Yours sincerely

Ken Frost

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Mike who??? ermmm oh yeah I remember him didn't he work for us for a month or so? Yes he gave us our ermmm err Vision that's it. What is Mike up to these days hope he managed to find a new job.... What he still works for HMRC you're kidding.

  2. 16 June 2011 09:57

    Mikeys on the golf course with "Stuart £88,000 Cruickshank" laughing about the poor sods staring at Pacesetter blackboards

  3. Until politicians understand and agree that HMRC is a public service, paid for BY the public and that HMRC is not a business and therefore has no customers, the confusion, indecision and incompetence will continue.

  4. That doesn't stop those ExCom twats from running HMRC like a business.

  5. Did you attend this function Mr Frost?

    I'm sure whatever message was given will hit the glass ceiling somewhere and us minions won't have any idea of its implications on agents and HMRC staff or whether it's been implemented until after the event.

  6. Consultation? Surely this is a pointless exercise? HMRC already sort of knows what its "strategy" is up to 2015 following yesterdays announcements!
    Which is basically stay within budget by any means neccesary!

    Why does its need an agent strategy? Surely all it needs to do is treat the agent as they would the people they represent?

  7. Back to basics...
    "Customers" pay tax because they have to, there is nothing voluntary about it. Therefore taxpayers are not "customers" they are "process users". If you are going to play with big boys toys like Pacesetter get it right FFS!
    HMRC is not a business as it does not trade in anything.
    End of
    BTW anyone ever hear that golf spoils a good walk!
    Who's this chap Clasper anyroads?

  8. "Customers" pay tax because they have to, there is nothing voluntary about it. Therefore taxpayers are not "customers" they are "process users".

    "Customers" pay tax because they have to, there is nothing voluntary about it. Therefore taxpayers are not "customers" they are MUGS

  9. @20.23

    All well and good until you need urgent medical treatment and can't get it because the "mugs" have all wised up and stopped paying tax...

  10. 'Clasper the Ghost'.....naw he left years ago....didn't he?

  11. About time they brought him out im sure some fresh excom negligence will raise the staff engagement to levels unseen. He earns every penny I hear you say between his other directorships at ITV and Which. Money well spent im sure you'll all agree.

  12. @16 June 2011 21:21

    We can just borrow more money.
    That's what your genius unions want us to do to pay your pensions.

    So why not do that for everything?

  13. Hey dogbreath, my pension contributions go back almost 40yrs WTF have they been doing with that money until now. And it wasn't a voluntary contribution either.
    Most of you angsty plebs weren't born when Thatcher ordered an independant inquiry into Civil Service pensions when she was in power - they wouldn't publish the findings and I believe the unions at the time had to go to court to obtain the results of the inquiry.
    Oh, and what did the results say? We were paying over the going rate for the pensions! Didn't hear any of you private sector tossers complaining then or when your salaries went through the roof

  14. Being a "customer" implies I have an element of choice.

    I don't recall ever been offered a choice about which organisation I pay my taxes to. It's not like I can shop around to find a better deal and pay less tax somewhere else.

    HMRC is, or at least supposed to be, nothing more than a public service. Nobody expects the police and fire brigrade to make a profit, or are they next in line for Pacesetter?

  15. Errr. I think it has already started.
    Need to check if CPS has got it as they virtually dictate the way the Police work and the Fire Brigades are under the Home Office as well?

  16. Mike Clasper is a one-man Quango. Majority of HMRC employees barely know who he is. All leadership and strategic policy seems to come from Lesley Strathie.

  17. Mike went on record to defend HMRC to the treasury select committee. Get a grip Mike the TSC praised the staff it is the management that sucks. The latest attempt to "engage" staff is very naive. Question are invited but only if they are kept very simple and edited by the people wanting to present an improving picture to their lords and masters. The mantra we are improving is totally without any evidence but swallowed hook line and sinker by the SCS too lazy to actually look beyond the hype and uncover the truth.