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HMRC Is Shite
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Thursday, 17 November 2011

HMRC External Engagement Awards

The winners of HM Revenue & Customs' (HMRC) External Engagement Awards have been announced.
The awards, now in the their second year, recognise the contribution that business, professional and voluntary communities make in helping HMRC run the UK’s tax system.
They were awarded to:

* Sarah Gillett – UK Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein – for her pivotal role as part of the UK team negotiating with the Swiss Government to seek ways to increase tax transparency for UK taxpayers, including the recent tax agreement.

* Paddy Millard – retired Chief Executive Officer of Tax Help for Older People (TOP) – for supporting HMRC with specialist advice about customers on low incomes, in particular his work on security and disclosure constraints.

* Rebecca Benneyworth – as contributing editor of Accounting Web – for her work in supporting HMRC’s consultation exercise on the future relationship with the tax agent community.

* Mike Sufrin – retired Director of Tax, Rolls Royce – for his commitment in working with HMRC to improve clarity and customer focus in Large Business, in particular his significant contribution to the development and implementation of the Senior Accounting Officer and the Large Business Transformation programme.

Presenting the awards, David Gauke, Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury, said:

I’m delighted to recognise the contribution that individuals outside the Department make to the development, operation and delivery of tax administration. These awards show there are some excellent working practices between HMRC and taxpayers. Making the tax system simple and transparent is vitally important."

Dave Hartnett, HMRC’s Permanent Secretary for Tax, said:

HMRC has recognised that we cannot improve the tax system all by ourselves. We need the help of individuals and organisations in the tax profession and voluntary community to help us. These new awards recognise their efforts and the vital part they play in making the tax system better.”

The awards took place yesterday (16 November) at 11 Downing Street and the winners were chosen by their peers in the tax community, using these criteria:

* Commitment – has made a significant individual commitment, either over a concerted period of time or in relation to a specific initiative, to drive forward clarity and ease of use of the tax system, above and beyond their professional position.

* Customer focused – has brought and championed customer understanding which has enabled processes, legislation or policies to be better designed from the perspective of both the customer and HMRC.

* Clarity – through their commentary and active contribution they have identified the need for greater clarity and worked with HMRC to achieve a positive change and greater ease of use of the tax system.

Notes for editors
1. Members of the panel:
External panel members:
* Francesca Lagerberg, Head of Tax, Grant Thornton and former Chairman of the Tax Faculty of ICAEW
* Mike Truman, Editor, Taxation magazine
* John Whiting, Tax Policy Director of Chartered Institute of Taxation and Director of Office of Tax Simplification
Internal panel members:
* Dave Hartnett, Permanent Secretary for Tax
* Judith Knott, Director, CT, International and Anti-Avoidance
* Stephen Banyard, Acting Director General, Personal Tax
* Brian Redford, Deputy Director, Business Customer & Strategy
2. Last year’s winners were:
* John Andrews – Low Income Tax Reform Group
* Teresa Graham – Chair of Administrative Burden Advisory Board (ABAB)
* Julie Hughff – tax partner, KPMG
* Peter van Dijk – Senior Vice President, Taxation TD Bank Financial Group

3. Photographs of the event are available from the HMRC press office or using the link below:

4. Follow HMRC on Twitter @HMRCgovuk.

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