Saturday 12 November 2011

People Survey 2011

My thanks to a loyal reader who has forwarded me a copy of the HMRC 2011 People Survey.

Headline figures (on a low response rate of 52%) show a marginal improvement compared with 2010:

- 40% engagement (up 6%)
- 22% proud of working for HMRC (up 7%)
- Difference from CS2011 -16 etc

Marginal improvements, especially as the response rate is down, are not that encouraging.

Anyone know what ranking HMRC now is when compared to the rest of the Civil Service?

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  1. That data will only be provided when the private company ORC international chooses to give its results to HMRC and the inevitability that a précis of the results will be published here.

  2. So Strathie steps down and within days things are improving.

  3. Would someone like to demand statistics from HMRC/PCS/ARC/FDA today with regards to any number of things?

  4. One thing that strikes me are the low scores for Perception of the department and senior managers (scores in the teens and twenties %), whether the department will try and put some spin on this (the low reponse rate adversly affecting a positive result) who knows. They will probably champion this as a success being the deluded fools they are. Anyone with reasonable intelligence will still see that this is still a very damning indictment on the department. On a side note i don't think Francis Maud's comment of offering a 15 minute strike in place of a full days industrial action is going to go down to well, sniggers abound!!!

  5. Any 'improvement' in the results are probably far more down to the PCS' massive own-goal in encouraging its members not to take part, rather than to take part with increased vigour - especially so far as the questions on 'leadership' and 'engagement' are concerned. This has clearly led some (although by no means all) of the more politically-engaged to not complete the survey this time round.

    That - despite all this - the results in those two particular categories are still appalling by any objective measure is instructive.

  6. I will have to concede, Hartnett did not do the usual ExCom trick of glossing over the disasterous scores.

    These results and HMRCs standing in the league table are critical this year. The sharp drop in participation is a PR disaster for the management. ARC and later PCS were quite correct in calling for a boycott. ExCom saw the danger far too late and Hartnett admitted as much in his intranet message.

    Despite DLS's illness, which no right thinking individual would denigrate, the truth remains that the disaster in 2012 happened under her leadership.

    Readers (staff and taxpayers) are not fully aware of why ARC first called for a boycott. There were some fairly unsavoury tactics being employed at SCS level and some equally unsavoury antics at local levels as a result. ExCom only woke up when ARC produced the evidence and Hartnett wrote that particularly scathing message in September.

    This has been farcical and the brickbats directed towards management are fully deserved.

  7. You know what. As a PCS rep I do love it when ARC/FDA get their ar(c)e in gear sometimes. I recognise when militancy needs to stop and discussion needs to start (or vice versa).

    It's a shame more bilateral agreements aren't in place but I suppose that's the nature of the beast.

    Now if only people in the private sector could get organised in to unions instead of claiming Gordon Brown ate their pensions whilst they sat idly by and let their corporate employers do this...... *ponders*


  8. "the truth remains that the disaster in 2012 happened under her leadership."

    I worked for HMRC before DLS appeared on the scene and it was pretty shite then. There's no getting away from the fact that the call centre environment and ethos are the cancers within. Why can't the powers-that-be accept this?

  9. At the last comment.

    What I was referring to was the boycott announcement first by ARC and then followed by PCS.

    The other issues regarding HMRCs travails have been rehearsed on this site and in the Cabinet Office Capability reviews.