HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Monday, 14 November 2011


My thanks to a loyal reader who dropped me a note about an event last week for Senior Managers in Personal Tax, which was held at Lawress Hall, one of the subjects being "Rebranding Pacesetter".

Apparently one of the speakers was Mark Nellthorp, an HMRC deputy director (he is also diversity officer).

Anyhoo, I am given to understand that Mr Nellthorp's speech about rebranding Pacesetter allegedly included suggestions that old people have poor hygiene and smell, and how cornflakes stop you masturbating.

When asked by someone about an email he sent concerning job relocations, he allegedly made reference to Hitler and modern warfare.

I dare say that, "in context", the above all made perfect sense.

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. And if you think any senior mangers in Personal Tax are going to blow the gaff(e), I think we should be talking about a cheque my Nigerian uncles need cashing...........

  2. If Mr Nellthorp believes that cornflakes will stop you masturbating, perhaps he should buy a packet...

  3. Mark Nelthorp ! What a plonker he is!

  4. Nelthorp & Co should try crunchy nut cornflakes instead as theyre already a total bunch of w..kers and thats probably the only department they dont need any help in..

  5. Was he recruited when HMRC was going through a David Brent phase by any chance?

  6. Mark Nellthorpe must weigh at least 35 stone and has to use an electric mobility scooter to get around. He looks like he could drop dead at any given moment. Who is he to mock personal hygiene? Irony klaxon.

    I was at Lawress Hall last week. The sight of him negotiating the buffet on 4 wheels was indeed a sight.

    1. Mark Nellthorpe is typical of the type of uncouth, mouthy, cowardly little bigot so beloved by senior management! He should have been sacked in 2011 for his comments at Lawress Hall but HMRC allowed him to stay on (the usual 'blind eye') and he goes on to sexually abuse female members of staff. Absolutely disgusting.

      Which member of Excom will take responsibility for their failure to safeguard staff???

  7. What Pacesetter rebranding?

  8. Trust me, there is nothing in PaceSetter that makes any sense!!!

  9. Are they reverting back to calling it lean?

  10. Anyone with any doubts about PaceSetter should see this. Is it bollocks or bollocks, do you think? You decide...$file/Pacesetter.pdf


  12. 1. I'd love to know if the people who hold the original license for 'Pacesetter' are still (allegedly) sueing the Dept because they've changed it so much out of what was originally intended that its making the re-selling to other companies an impossibility because HMRC has apparently brought it into disrepute.
    2. Rumours abound that the money for Pacesetter has run out and that there's no need for any further development as "its aleady deeply embedded in the Dept". If I was one of the pacesetter practitioners, I'd be looking for a new job right now.

  13. I am a taxpayer and I object strongly to having my taxes wasted on useless schemes like PaceSetter.

  14. @16 November 2011 00:03

    I'm a taxpayer who works for HMRC and agree.

    However it's now too late according to the bosses to stop it from being rolled out to other government departments - despite any protest by the unions to stop this.

  15. He (MN) had a teddy bear in bondage gear on his desk once. Don't ask.