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HMRC Is Shite
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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

HMRC Admit To RTI Problems

HMRC have admitted that there are problems with the flagship RTI project, specifically there are tax reconciliation errors between what HMRC say is due and what some PAYE schemes say is due.

I thought RTI was meant to eliminate reconciliation errors?
"We have received feedback that some PAYE schemes have experienced difficulties in reconciling the difference between:
  • the tax we say is due, and
  • the tax they think is due
We have set up a dedicated team to identify the cause of these discrepancies.

The team is working with a number of PAYE schemes to work through their examples to examine what is causing these discrepancies, and then to resolve them. 

This will also enable us to:
  • understand the issue in greater depth, and
  • take the steps necessary to prevent them arising in the first place
Each time we identify a root cause we will update our guidance, where appropriate, as soon as possible. We have already updated the View your current PAYE payment and submission position section of our guidance for employers using HMRC's PAYE Online, to make it clearer when we update this information, and what information will be available at any given."
I would be grateful to hear about the progress that the corrective action team making.

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. When does the main tranche of employers join Really Terrible Idea?

    October isn't it?

    It seems the old Chinese curse "May you live in interesting times" has been cast upon HMRC.

  2. Chickens (the headless variety) coming home to roost - perhaps it is a lot of cock rising vertically

  3. "We have set up a dedicated team to identify the cause of these discrepancies."

    This team could be called something like 'The System Suppliers'.

  4. Oh Dear. Having made the boring old P35 redundant because it was so last century HMRC are finding that they now actually need something very much like it to help with their PAYE reconciliation process. My money is on it being reintroduced (under a different name naturally) as a monthly Employers summary of all PAYE liabilities. Certainly, more than a few people at the AccountingWeb site have suggested something like it is required so that employers have some way of reconciling their figures with the garbage coming out of the RTI computer system.