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HMRC Is Shite
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Thursday, 15 August 2013

"Live" RTI Job?

My thanks to a loyal reader who forwarded me this job advert that apparently is on the civil serviced website for an RTI Director General role, unfortunately I cannot find it on the site.

Please can someone verify if this advert is "live", and send me a link?


Director General Benefits & Credits - Ref:1352798

Department HM Revenue and Customs
Number of Vacancies 1
Location: Region London
Location: City/Town London Location: Building/Site 100 Parliament Street
Grade SCS 3
Salary Minimum £103,000
Salary Maximum £208,100
Type of Role Operational Delivery
Senior leadership
Stage 3: This vacancy is available to all Civil Service employees. This vacancy is open to employees who were appointed to the Civil Service on merit following a fair and open competition, or were appointed to a permanent Civil Service post in accordance with an exception certified by the Civil Service Commissioners.

Reserved/Non Reserved posts This is a Non Reserved post under the Civil Service Nationality Rules and is therefore open to UK, Commonwealth and European Economic Area (EEA) Nationals and certain non EEA members.

Security Security Check
Disclosure and Barring service (DBS) check This post does not require a Disclosure and Barring service (DBS) check Is a medical required for this post? No

Job Description Benefits and Credits is one of the four business lines in HMRC responsible for paying 6.4 million families and 10.3 million children through the administration of tax credits. We also pay Child Benefit for 13.6 million children. With 6,000 employees Benefits and Credits is larger than several Government Departments; the Director General Benefits and Credits sits on HMRC’s Executive Committee (ExCom) and is one of Whitehall’s Top 200 roles.

The Director General Benefits and Credits is an SCS3 role and reports directly to the Chief Executive of HMRC. As an ExCom member, the role shares responsibility for strategy and decision-making for the whole of HMRC, collectively managing a budget of £3.6 billion and 64,211 FTE employees.

Specific responsibilities for Directors Benefits and Credits include:
• developing and delivering an effective service to tax credit and child benefit claimants so that they receive the payments they are entitled to;
• addressing error and fraud in the credits and benefits system, both by making the systems more straightforward and by directly intervening where individuals are acting fraudulently; and
• designing and implementing the recently-announced policy of tax free childcare.

Most of B&C’s 6,000 employees are located in Preston and Washington, with some in other offices across the UK.

B&C has a challenge to transform the way that tax credit and Child Benefit payments are made, working closely with the Treasury, Ministers, customer units and operational colleagues to deliver policy, business design and processes that will improve customer service, minimise error and fraud and deliver substainable cost reductions.

It is also a key role in preparing for the introduction of a Government flagship welfare programme, Universal Credit. The DG B&C will work in partnership with DWP on plans to migrate the majority of benefits customers from HMRC to Universal Credit.

Competence 1 Managing a Quality Service
Competence 2 Seeing the Big Picture
Competence 3 Changing and Improving
Competence 4 Leading and Communicating
Competence 5 Collaborating and Partnering
Working Pattern This job/these jobs are available for full-time, part-time or flexible working arrangements (including Job Share arrangements).
Employment Terms: Post Type Permanent
The successful candidate(s) will be appointed on the modernised SCS terms and conditions. Existing civil servants will retain their existing rights if accepting this post on level transfer.
Employment Terms: Hours 42

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  1. The advert says it's at 'stage 3' or open to civil servants. I expect it's live for internal applicants, but won't show on the external site.