HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Friday, 16 May 2014

FTA Redundancies

I understand that 2000 HMRC Fixed Term Appointment staff were given 90 days notice yesterday.

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  1. Raises some interesting issues around the event?

    FTA knew what they were in for at some stage after signing up hence the FTA bit.
    Wonder what efficiencies have been made to enable 2000 staff to be excommunicated, got rid of useless excom hopefully.
    2000 redundancies of any sort would would normally hit the
    headlines surely, but why not in this instance?
    Still, it's bound to lead to improvements in service?

  2. This all seems to be a bit confusing. The announcement internally yesterday was that HMRC plans to not renew any existing FTA contracts, implying that the existing terms of the contracts would be served out.

    The only reference to 90 days was that HMRC would be consulting with the unions on this proposal and that the consultation process would last 90 days.

    They are also encouraging affected FTA staff to apply for any permanent job vacancies. All a bit of a fat cry from redundancies, but maybe there's another announcement I've not seen that implies something else going on?

    Stew G

  3. What a shame all the AA's that left on 30/04/14 had to see that AO opportunities had come up suddenly once they'd accepted VE. Sneaky HMRC?

  4. No morals, ethics, spines or cares, that is HMRC leadership for you.
    It is a government department totally out of control and sadly lacking in business ethos let alone business ability areas.
    to run a proverbial booze up in a brewery is so far beyond their collective capabilities I am surprised that they can find their way into work regularly.
    Sympathy to the AA grade that are about to lose their jobs, your managers would never have made your grade!

    1. There's an overflow of Band O's in our office. Not enough work for them so they all chat all day. I've heard they will be voluntarily exited.

  5. Why can't they just downgrade them to AO level instead of losing their jobs

  6. I left 5 years ago as an AA and I can't believe that this bullshit is still going on.

    I noticed the decay set in within weeks of Customs merger with the Revenue but a lot of people seemed to have their heads up their arse around that time-2005/2006.

    I feel sorry for the AAs who worked their assess off. I only hope that the bullies and arse licks at higher grades get their comeuppance some day.

    1. Sadly the bullies IMO will only get a pat on the back and a golden handshake...........

    2. Such a shame it's the arse lickers and kickers who end up staying and those line managers who bully and abuse ( probably because they can't get a spouse or are too ugly to be noticed at work.....) I've seen evidence of sum line managers who do sweet FA and yap all day for twice the money the hard working Admin assistants and AO's do all the work. Get rid of sum of the poor line management there is in HMRC . But instead it's the hard workers who are shafted out. Makes great Economic and business sense.......

    3. Our office has too many band O's who yap all day. It's not their fault though. As poor old band O's all that dough and not enough work............ Time for VE's for them.

    4. Bullying and harassment by sociopath managers who are protected by a conspiracy of similar minded creatures taking place on a national scale. One manager had so many complaints and grievances it was an embarrassment, always moved, never sorted. Gone now thankfully but left a trail of human wreckage wherever managing people.
      A disgrace and an expensive one at that with numerous people leaving department or transferring elesewhere to avoid being managed by such a nasty piece of garbage.
      As for band O's with nothing to do,get them shredding or answering the bloody phones FFS.
      It's been said before, but worth repeating, HMRC is totally out of control and unfit for purpose.
      The management don't care as it's not their money going to waste. Politicians with vested interest elsewhere tolerate an incompetent tax department.

  7. Send those Band O's to my office. We are severely under-resourced at that grade and ours are running themselves into the ground trying desperately to get the work done!

  8. The AO's IMO are severely under-resourced.

  9. Why was the announcement regarding AO opportunities made on the 30/04/14 on the last day of some AA's? So insensitive and insulting. These people could have stayed on. Very very bad. Don't people who make these announcements who are undoubtedly very highly paid have any ounce of intelligence? How poor that this was allowed to be announced on 30/04/14. Whoever made this decision sould be out of a job. Not the AA's or overstaffed Band O's.

  10. The announcementwas made the way that Iit was for 2 reasons
    1. The management don't give a flying fig about the staff
    2. Even if they did give half a flying fig, they are so disjointed and siloed they would not have seen the opportunity to be a little creative or supportive let alone save some money possibly.
    Hey Ho, D'oh!
    Duff beer & donuts?