HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

A Right Balls Up - Ed Caught Lying

As per the Telegraph:
"Ed Balls and 11 other members of the shadow cabinet claimed expenses for cleaning, gardening or odd jobs without submitting receipts, seriously undermining the shadow chancellor’s advice that we should all insist on invoices for cash-in-hand jobs.
Mr Balls claimed £1,610 for cleaners and his wife Yvette Cooper claimed £2,640 for cleaning and gardening, out of a total of £37,881 claimed by the 12 Labour MPs.

Ed Balls claims expenses for cleaners in 2006
Mr Balls, in common with his 11 colleagues, did not submit a single receipt for the work done, despite his insistence on Monday that he had obtained receipts for every single cash payment since he entered politics 21 years ago."
Not only is he a pillock, he's a lying pillock!

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  1. I hope this is raised in the commons - lying piece of s**t

  2. £3200.00 between him and his wife! what are they doing, money laundering, cleaning out old records, doing an HSBC, evading tax, inventing costs and expenses!!!!
    No they wouldn't do that, they are politicians.

  3. You don't like Mr Balls very much do you Ken? ;)

  4. I don't think many of us do. If the truth be known. ;)

    1. A random surmise has me thinking most here have a grievance against HMRC either as a run in as a "Customer" or an internal bod

    2. Are you surprised? Its got to be the worst run department you're ever likely to have the misfortune to have to try to deal with!!
      When you have time look a bit deeper than the comments you see here and uncover the years of incompetence, inaction, law breaking, deal making, waste of tax payers funds, corruption, and appalling 'customer' service.
      If you owned a company that performed like this you would be bankrupt (as HMRC is) and would have thrown the towel in years ago! But we'll be paying for this for years to come and nothing will get better.
      Keep calm and carry on, keep funding the mighty HMRC, in the vain hope that at some stage we'll see an improvement.
      I estimate it'll be 10 -15 years and £20 Billion of our tax contributions before that happens..........if ever

    3. Its pretty obvious that the Politicians have no stomach for stepping in and sorting this out, as evidenced by the absence of Osborne from the public light for a week or so.

      Makes you wonder whether there is a trump card held somewhere?

    4. This country is so far in the shit financially its ridiculous, and these idiots are wasting huge amounts daily. HMRC, and NCA are only the tip of the iceberg. NCA = £478,000,000 loss in a Year, HMRC I think we can double that figure....... don't you? When is it going to be sorted?

  5. If he is going to give as much thought to economic policies as he did to this subject we are in for a worse time than the last time.
    Never mind kippers, what about flippers?!

  6. Lest we forget why we are here, or most of us anyway, because HMRCisshite. In fact because HMRC is actually corrupt. And the simple fact is that both main political parties and the lib dems have over the last ten years or so, allowed it to be corrupt.
    In fact they have probably mandated it to go soft on the rich and famous. This encompasses the massive corporations who Hartnett has done sweetheart deals with, through to the hundreds of criminals who have evaded tax, through the HSBC accounts.
    And the simple fact is they are raising so many red herrings about things like this and the avoidance debate etc etc. so that we take our eye off the ball.
    Many of these HSBC accounts that have never been declared will relate to criminal income, it will be laundered money. We are doing nothing about it. No newspaper except the guardian has asked any real questions. Why have both HMRC and Gauke told the PAC that the French prevented HMRC being robust in their investigations. This is a lie. And now five years, at least, later all will have tidied up. Agreements re penalties and fines have been made. Names will be concealed. It stinks to high heaven. Please those of you in HMRC who know anything about this let us know. One whistleblower will bring the she pack of cards tumbling down.

  7. Conspiracy theories are a pain in the butt, conspiracy facts can be relatively easy to come by.

    An example might be the simple use of google seach applied to 3 words:-
    Hartnett Carroll Trust, and therefore information already in the public domain;

    This gave 88,600 results which even an analyst might not wish to crunch.
    What is a fact though is that the first one that came up was headed:-
    HSBC Holdings Plc 'David Hartnett Criminal Standard of Proof Prosecution Files' and is dated as recently as Feb 13 2015.

    WTF has been going on to cause this to be leaked regarding a huge fraud investigation with locked down files allegedly held at the FBI and New Scotland Yard?

    1. Just as I always thought - He's a thieving C**t.

  8. Do you think anyone is losing any sleep yet? Or they may be too busy shredding, deleting files, paying people off, or ratting out their mates to deflect the crap from themselves

  9. Anyone asking why the tax payer is funding a £500,000,000 spend on the NCA and we're getting a £22,000,000 return on our investment. Oh and it'll be the same cost and return next year!!!!
    I wonder what the HMRC costs us per year versus what the return is on our investment???
    Anyone want to take a guess?

  10. The NCA costs so much because it is always trying to be fixed. What was basically the merging of National Crime Squad and HMC&E investigators into SOCA never worked. Rebranding it has NCA hasny either. The number of investigators they have has been cut with office closures and exit packages. How long before HMRC's Criminal Investigations directorate go the same way? Indeed i hear HMRC Organised Crime investigations seem to be low down on the list of "priorities", but this is not the fault of the front line worker. As I understand it from those I see in the pub (does that make me the man in the pub?) everything is geared towards the number of prosecutions per year-the be all and end all of HMRC targets. Reducing crime and the impact of crime? Don't make me laugh.

    Also how much of the money in these HSBC accounts is from those that were involved in MTIC frauds, which netted several gangs £200 million in VAT repayments-all of which was OUR money?

  11. The 'shop floor' are in no way to blame for this. NCA and HMRC have been failed from the outset and continually by:
    Our governments (regardless of which elite party they claim to represent)
    The senior managers (that the above idiots put in place)
    Middle managers (that the above idiots put in place)
    Any, and all, so called inquiries, reviews, audits, etc (that should have found and sorted this shit fest)
    And finally, they've been failed by us, the customer, the tax payer, the people that are blindly accepting a disgusting situation that is haemorrhaging funds, and we're not doing anything about it.

    1. There's got to be an efficient and guaranteed way of people power demanding an independent investigation of the HMRC and getting the powers that be to take decisive action in all areas of HMRC that are currently failing abysmally

  12. Sign the current 38 degrees petition as a starting point;

    After that, go for broke on a shite or bust one, but dont expect PCS to support it...for some reason?

    1. PCS are the biggest waste of taxes ever! they're all part of the in crowd looking after each other while scoffing at the trough of plenty