HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Friday, 6 March 2015

HMRC Fixes Postal Problems

My thanks to a loyal reader who posted the following comment, wrt a message posted by Dorothy Brown (PT Operations Director) to HMRC staff yesterday:
"More rearranging of the deck chairs, this is a message put out by Dotty Brown today:

As part of my commitment to keep you regularly updated, I wanted to let you know about our latest preparations to get HMRC ready for the new tax year.

As you know, for most of this year we've prioritised work on phones to ensure we're there for customers calling us for advice and support. With the new tax year just around the corner, we are joining up with other business lines over the next few weeks so that we start 2015-16 in the best position across all of our work - phones, ‎post and work management.

In the next few days, around 400 colleagues from Enforcement and Compliance (E&C) will start to work with us to allow more of our people to concentrate on post and work management. Those in Local Compliance and Debt Management and Banking from East Kilbride, Edinburgh, Livingston and Newcastle will be helping to support HMRC customers while staying in their own business lines. I'm grateful for the speed at which E&C colleagues have responded to meet customer needs, particularly during such a busy time.

This is all part of HMRC's approach to working flexibly to support our customers where and when they need us, as we have done in the July and January peaks. I'm sure you will support these colleagues as you have during other peaks of work over the past year, and I'll keep you all updated as this work progresses.

How nice to see that HMRC is so responsive to the issues (ie Postal Delays) raised on this site!

Thus we can be assuaged that the postal problems are now solved!

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. It's a new business initiative....don't know if you've ever heard of it...called....let me remember...oh yes........CRISIS MANAGEMENT !!!

  2. Don't you mean: Barely management, or waste management, or possibly disaster management

  3. Put everyone over there and do that job, then the other job gets left to pile up so everyone moves back to the old job and then the other job piles up...that is how HMRC no works.

    Remember just a few years ago no one in HMRC could do anything for a section they didn't work on not even if they needed help you did your own work and no one elses.

    If you wanted to work on a different section there had to be lots of discussions and approvals from way up high.

  4. If this doesnt tell you the place is run by numpties then nothing will.

  5. The HMRC is broken, its not fit for purpose, its costing us dearly while it limps along fatally wounded, and it's cruel to all concerned not to put it and us out of its misery. Give me the gun I'd pull the trigger.

  6. More and more of their work being privatised, Concentrix being paid to screw people up on working tax and child credits.

    People are treated as milch cows to be fucked for every penny the crooked Government can rip out of them.

    When you privatise any part of the tax system you invite more abuse than the original system could apply because you introduce private sector profit into a service paid for by the tax payer and we all know what that leads to.

    Tax and benefits are there for a reason, and that reason should never have been to line peoples pockets.

    Have a look at Private Eye, current edition 1387 p31 @Aspooky coincidence@ and see the trougher's names quoted...

  7. Name One of our illustrious so called representatives that is NOT troughing at our expense
    Corrupt twats want shooting

  8. Here's an inciteful piece’s-gone-wrong-at-hmrc