HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Catching The Tax Dodgers

Last night Channel 4 screened "Catching The Tax Dodgers".

I didn't watch it, but according to the Guardian it was:
"a nuanced piece of storytelling, peppered with fascinating human anthropology."
Those of you who did watch it are more than welcome to give your views on its "nuance" etc.

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Absolutely amateurish production...shame on you Tiger Aspect !!

  2. Shame on you HMRC Senior Management and Tiger Aspect.

    Next time this is one for the BBC's Panorama to get inside HMRC and entertain, inform and educate the Great British public about what is REALLY going on with the nation's tax collector!!

  3. They were going to film inside an HMRC sweat shop ahem! Contact Centre until a bright spark twerp realised that someone would blab on the working conditions and institutionalised bullying that goes on in these horrible places. (Now renamed flex sites).
    Strangely HMRC was investigated in 2009 by the HSE for workplace stress levels. Something I hear has never improved with managers bullying and harassing staff for not being at work in order to avoid constant bullying.

  4. Workplace stress levels in HMRC? Way above the average for any organisation and a wee bit of research shows the 2 faced hypocritical approach that their management took
    under the heading HMRC Occupational Health, Safety & Wellbeing:-
    " HMRC is committed to securing the health, safety and welfare of all staff and recognises that workplace stress is a health and safety issue. Our aim is to minimise the risk of work related ill health, which can result when demands placed on an individual outweigh their ability to cope."
    followed on 06/12/16 by:-
    I can stand my mental illnesses at work, but not the discrimination
    (Discovered in the comments section)
    Headed Work[place Bullying at HMRC
    "The discrimination outlined above is totally unacceptable. I worked at HMRC and was subjected to bullying for a number of years. Its been a harrowing experience and you are left feeling very isolated. A manager, as part of their campaign to drive me out when suffering the health consequences of HMRC bullying, even went as far as to send their boyfriend round to my home unannounced with confidential data leaving me feeling totally traumatised and at risk. Despite such a move amounting to criminal offence under the Data Protection Act, the manager was allowed to get away with their behaviour and HMRC went out of their way to cover it up. Even the HR people at HMRC who should have protected my rights allowed the manager to avoid scrutiny; the message was management are allowed to bully if they want and will not face consequences. With such a cover up culture nothing will ever change. To that end, I take great offence to see that a public organisation like HM Revenue & Customs signed the Time to Change mental health pledge. Signing the pledge is great if it is meant and if it gets employers thinking about their own workplace, but the day-to-day conduct & culture within a workplace is what would make a more meaningful help to people. Signing the pledge and then behaving contrary to it is misusing an important Time to Change campaign as a PR stunt."

    I couldn't find the HSE report mentioned above @ 21:23, could you provide the link please, I am sure Ken and others would be interested.

    1. My partner having been a victim of HMRC staff/management bullying, I am interested in the climate of bullying & intimidation in their 'gang'.

      Some further research has revealed the case of Jill McQuillin v HMRC. A quick google of the case will lead one to the details.

      Interested to know just how many cases there are? Apparent to me that HMRC have a few issues with riding roughshod over some employees and are operating above various law designed to keep employees safe, protect their rights and to prevent injustice.

      If their own staff can't trust the institution then its difficult for taxpayers to. I suspect the case with HSE involvement is the tip of the iceberg...

      The whiff of corruption is overwhelming...

    2. The contents of the Jill McQuillin case are very typical of the bullying carried out by HMRC and the stunts which are dreamt up by management to evade justice from their scummy ways.

  5. The only people who get mad at those speak the truth are those telling the truth - does that ring any bells HMRC management? Are you certain all is squeaky clean in your department HMRC management? Keep telling the truth people - never give up!!! HMRC have zero integrity. The truth will out whether HMRC like it or not.

    1. oopps - should say that the only people who get mad at those who speak the truth are those living a lie - AND YES HMRC MANAGEMENT THAT DOES SOUND LIKE YOU.

  6. Re: HMRC misconduct / bullying.

    From the comments section of another website:
    "I recently returned to work from 5+ months on the sick with Depression due to several instances of Bullying Harassment Intimidation & Disability discrimination. I have a congenital birth defect which I have only 1 finger on my left hand and no leg below my left knee. I am a career Civil Servant, 36 years, and joined in 1981 because even then the Civil Service was considered the most diverse employer in the UK. Yeah I may have suffered some prejudice in these years but it always made me stronger and more determined to succeed, which I believe I have. I have always felt supported however after accepting a promotion in 2015 to HO in HMRC I have endured 18 months of hell from being called an embarrassment by one manager, to agreed reasonable adjustments with OH not been adhered to or where treated as a tick box exercise by 2 other managers, to one of those same managers labelling me as disabled in a validation report, which was demeaning and not appropriate for the audience it went to and the same manager dismissed my DSE assessed bespoke furniture as unnecessary as showcase furniture was suitable for 95% of staff and trust me to be one of the 5%. I have been passed over when requesting additional duties to showcase my skills in order that I might apply for SO vacancies I knew I had the skills for and those same opportunities were afforded to my colleagues with less experience. What is more galling is I tried to seek advice and support from diversity and disability groups diversity champions no one could be bothered to contact me. Which led to the months on the sick with depression. During this phase I wrote to senior managers to highlight my experience and the reply I got was "sorry to hear you are unwell and I would like to wish you a merry xmas and a happy new year and look forward to you returning to work soon" Having self sourced support from doctors, counselling friends and colleagues I returned to work and I then took my story to the top of HMRC a director general no less, it is only now someone appears to be listening but I'm not a vindictive person I have learned from my counsellor to put this behind me, I don't wish to make a complaint or grievance, honestly I believe it would do no good, I only want an apology, which I'm still waiting for, and that someone listens to my story of what its like at grass roots level and take me up on the offer in sharing my experiences with others. When the incidents happened I was 52 years old worked 35 years in numerous civil service depts. without suffering the hurt or pain of discrimination but it took less than 6 months in the Compliance Office to break me. I hope this story can help someone come to terms with discrimination in what ever form and to seek help if they need it".

    And a another comment (from several):-
    "There is a lot of talk on Equality and health and safety of staff. However reality is different. I had bitter experiences since becoming disabled after a major accident few years ago. I work for HMRC and have constantly faced discrimination since becoming disabled. I am suffering from chronic pains and have mental health issues. I am at more disadvantage because my disability is not visible. I had to wait months to years to get OH recommended equipment. I had to face MPA process for sickness even though I was still awaiting for necessary adjustments recommended by my GP and two OH reports. I had bouts of clinical depression three times because of treatments I have received from management. I was top performer before and I am now seen as an easy target to give poor performance. OH reports are completely ignored at times. My work life has remained a constant uphill struggle. Reading the above article seems like just talk to me".

    It is plainly obvious to all but the deliberately ignorant that there is quite a serious problem with how HMRC treat (mistreat) their 'human resources'!

  7. Interesting to note that a 52 year old civil servant, who had worked for 35 years in numerous civil service depts all without problem, but within 6 months of transferring to HMRC they had managed to "break me".

    Are the thugs run amok in HMRC above the law or what ???

  8. HMRC is shite but tax dodging cannot be condoned. That man using the VAT and NIC to buy (amongst other things) a £2500 case for his wife to use as a make-up bag got what he deserved. The man who hid his money off-shore for 20 years got off too lightly.