HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

HMRC's Digital Forms Service Down

Oh dear, it would seem that HMRC's trial Digital Forms Service is down for apparent "maintenance".

Unfortunately, HMRC doesn't seem to know when it will be back online.

Bodes well for MTD does it not?!

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Hey Ho, here we go!
    Best to consider what HMRC have already said about themselves and IT;
    From 12 Feb 2016:-
    I’m Kristian Miller, HMRC’s Head of IT Strategy and I’d like to share with you our long term IT vision…

    Most people know HMRC has a very complex IT landscape with around 600 different IT applications. Some of these were built when data was entered into a big mainframe computers using punched cards; and then our core tax systems were designed to manage products, not customers, so we’ve ended up with product silos. To further complicate things the 2005 merger of Inland Revenue and HM Customs & Excise resulted in duplicate systems, especially around financial accounting, and some of these duplicate systems still exist.

    Today our focus has changed, and thankfully there’s not a punched card in sight!

    Our challenge is to update our ageing ICT estate where data fragmentation allied to manual processing interventions sometimes struggle to support the demands of the digital age.

    So we are putting the customer at the heart of the service design with a fundamental shift away from batch processing to real-time updates which better support our online digital services. We want to use the substantial amounts of data we hold to gain more customer insight to help us maximise compliance, increase efficiency and improve the experience of our customers.

    In parallel with building the new, we need to transform the existing IT estate, re-engineering what we have so that the majority of our IT applications can run on virtualized infrastructure environments with as much as possible hosted on commodity cloud services; this is a huge opportunity given the pace at which cloud hosting is developing.

    We haven't forgotten our colleagues; we are introducing a better range of IT equipment providing a more engaging and social experience for them when collaborating across teams.

    Our HMRC IT Strategy 2016 describes how we’ll deliver the services required to enable and support the Departmental Business Strategy for this Spending Review Period. It will be updated annually.

    We’ve made great progress recently but there’s still more to do. We’ll post about our progress on this blog throughout the year, so stay tuned.


    So, There We Are Then See...

  2. Yet HMRC's rush to make tax digital for individuals gathers momentum! They are now ordering staff to bully & coerce, sorry I meant handhold callers through setting up a Personal Tax Accounts & receive a repayment by BACS within 5 days (which is a lie), when all they want is a cheque a bit sooner than the 60 days promised on the calculation they received!