HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Thursday, 24 August 2017

Auguries For MTD

Thousands are still unable to apply to claim free childcare because of technical difficulties with HMRC’s website, a letter to the Treasury select committee chair, Nicky Morgan, has revealed.

Morgan said she would quiz the department at the committee’s hearing in the autumn, after the HMRC chief executive, Jon Thompson, wrote to her admitting that 2,600 parents are still waiting for technical issues to be resolved.

The letter is quoted by the Guardian:
I am very sorry that some parents have experienced problems and have not received the service we aim to deliver.

We have emailed all these parents and are working to resolve these issues as quickly as possible.
CCH Daily reports that overall, 208,000 parents have successfully applied for an account: 100,000 for 30 hours free childcare only; 21,000 for tax-free childcare only; and 87,000 for both.

A further 2,600 parents (1% of applications) need a technical issue to be resolved before they can be eligible for childcare.

HMRC has received 1,507 complaints and 257,407 calls to the helpline about the service with over 90% of complaints concerning technical issues.

The childcare service has been down for 160 hours and eight minutes, including for planned updates and maintenance, since 21 April when the service was launched.

This does not augur well for HMRC's MTD plans!

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. If HMRC cannot address matters as basic as misconduct & law breaking by officers within their organisation, then seriously, given their track record of incompetence with IT and management, did we really expect this bunch to make a success of MTD?

    Totally corrupt.

  2. No surprise. Just take a minute to look at the shocking reviews of Hmrc on TrustPilot made by their 'customers'. Good grief, their poor performance leaves a lot to be desired. They can't get anything right.