HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Friday, 15 September 2017

Jacky Wright To Be New HMRC CDIO

Computer Weekly reports that HMRC has tasked Microsoft corporate vice-president Jacky Wright with helping the department achieve its goal of becoming one of the world's most digitally advanced tax authorities.

Jacky Wright will be HMRC's new chief digital and information officer (CDIO) as from 16 October.

At present, Wright is working as a corporate vice-president at Microsoft’s core platform division, and has previously held the position of CIO at both General Electric and Momentive Performance Materials.

Wright said :
I am passionate about the impact innovation can have in truly transforming services for people and businesses in a positive way and want to continue the great work being done within HMRC and across the Civil Service at this time.

I am proud to represent women and BAME [black, Asian and minority ethnic] in technology and will continue to promote the vital role of diversity within our industry and more broadly.
The role comes with an annual salary of up to £180,000, and is billed as an opportunity to “shape and transform the way HMRC works” as it pursues its goal to become the “one of the most digitally advanced tax administrations in the world”.

Jon Thompson, CEO of HMRC, said:

Balancing strong operating experience with a record of driving innovation, Jacky is widely recognised for her contributions to technology and diversity.

Her influence as a technology leader and champion for the role of women and BAME in industry is a major win for this organisation.

This builds on a year of real progress and innovation under the leadership of interim CDIO Mike Potter, who has done a fantastic job of pushing digital delivery for HMRC and its customers.
Here is a biography of her, as per The Human Capital Institute:
"Jacky Wright is a transformational global leader, innovative technologist and recognized STEM advocate.

She is a senior executive whose extensive career spans multiple industries. Jacky inspires and leads teams to drive innovation, develop enterprise technology solutions, and transform business models.
As a Microsoft leader, she has created deep partnerships between IT and product engineering to drive digital transformation of customer experiences leveraging Microsoft Azure, Power BI, O365, and Skype for Business, among others.

She has been widely recognized for her many contributions in technology and diversity, including an honorary doctorate from Aston University, and inclusion on the Britain’s Powerlist 100 of Most Influential People, the Top 100 BAME Leaders in Business, and Savoy Magazine’s Top Women list. She has also been featured in numerous publications, including CIO Magazine, “Meet a tech industry pioneer who leads by example” and the Wall Street Journal – CIO Journal.

Jacky is a member of the Board of Trustees for Harvey Mudd College and Prostate Cancer UK, and serves on the Board of Year Up – Puget Sound Chapter. She also serves on various advisory boards, including the HP Women’s Innovation Council, the Demo CIO Council and the CIO Winmark Advisory Panel. She is also a member of the Information Technology Senior Management Forum (ITSMF), Executive Leadership Council and CIO Executive Council."
At least now, maybe, HMRC will upgrade from Windows 7!

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  1. Latest:Edward Troup jumping sinking ship 31st December...please take Thompson with you !!

    1. Agreed. HMRC have not improved in the last 18 months under new 'leadership'. Mr Thompson has also been quite prepared to turn a blind eye to bullying. Thompson should consider his own position.

  2. Do as I say not as I do ....Cut the ribbon Edward. Too many gangggsters around Croydon RC. Off to the beach me finks..Enjoy .

  3. My my, aren't we all virtuous? Now get on and do the bloody job properly.

    1. HMRC senior management. Ticking boxes at a world class level.

    2. "Her influence as a technology leader and champion for the role of women and BAME in industry is a major win for this organisation." do talk some bollox...major win,my arse....she will last 12 months,see what a shambles she has joined and "move on" ie jump ship to the private sector again !! Next !!

    3. HMRC photo,
      Exclusive The UK's incoming Chief Digital Information Officer of HMRC is to recuse herself from making any decisions regarding Microsoft, as she is on sabbatical from the company under a two-year placement with the taxman.

      Jacky Wright was named as CDIO last week, and will take up the £180,000 per annum role in October 2017. She is currently corporate vice president of Microsoft, but The Register discovered she has not officially left Microsoft, having instead taken a leave of absence.

      Asked whether the appointment represented a conflict of interest, given she will have ultimate say over billions of IT spend, an HMRC spokesman said: "Jacky will be appointed to HMRC on a fixed two-year contract.

      "She must recuse herself from any discussion and decisions relating to Microsoft, both within HMRC and across Government and we will put in place the necessary governance to manage."

      Like most organisations, HMRC has a huge Microsoft footprint. The department is thought to have up to 85,000 desktops running Windows.

  4. @19.06 I had just seen that article and came on here to post it.

    As I see it, she will go in to HMRC, make some far reaching long term decisions, then eff off back to Microsoft for them to reap the benefits. Why else sign a two year contract?

    1. Unfuckingbelievable....well,no it isn't really....sweeteners all round !!!

    2. And will she sit on Excom ? If so, it don't half create the impression of HMRC corruption (again).

      So much for clamping down on the revolving door. Meanwhile the law breakers 'running' HMRC think it's their perfect right to shit over staff and avoid prosecution for their misconduct.

    3. You a clairvoyant? Give her a chance, mate. Or give us your predictions with the tea leaves for the Saturday horses with your powers of prediction.

  5. FFS how is this even allowed? A tweet from Jacky Wright thanking Microsoft for allowing staff to take 'Civic Leave'. How the hell are we supposed to believe there is no conflict of interest here? Dear Jeremy Corbyn, please ask the PM WTF is going on...

  6. All aboard the gravy train...nobody's watching...there is no governance of this ragbag of a disorganisation...