HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Monday, 11 September 2017

Meanwhile Over at The Student Loans Company - MELTDOWN!


Meanwhile, over at The Student Loans Company (suspended CEO being none other than Steve Lamey ex HMRC CEO & CIO)

The BBC reprost that there has been a call for an urgent inquiry into problems at the Student Loans Company which led to the suspension of its chief executive.
"Shadow Universities Minister Gordon Marsden said the firm was near "meltdown" and urged the Universities Minister to address the problems.

The Department for Education suspended Steve Lamey in July without saying why.

A DfE spokesman defended the student loans system and said Jo Johnson would respond in due course.

In early July, a statement from the DfE said: "The Student Loans Company, in consultation with the Department for Education, took the decision to suspend the chief executive, pending an investigation into concerns which have been raised.

"The suspension is a neutral act and does not imply wrongdoing. 

"As the matters leading to suspension are now subject to an independent investigation, it would be inappropriate to comment further at this time."
Mr Marsden wrote to Mr Johnson, asking him to clarify the details around the suspension and the nature of the associated investigation.

He told the BBC:
"Whilst the full details have yet to become clear, the Student Loans Company appears to be approaching a situation of meltdown.

There needs to be an urgent, substantial inquiry into all aspects of the way they operate with HMRC.

This worrying situation has been compounded by an ongoing stream of accounts over the past few months in the media, and based on numerous individual stories appearing, of the inadequacies of the Student Loans Company to properly administer student loans and specifically repayments."
Well then, HMRC keep churning out these "high-flyers"!

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  1. As well as a "substantial inquiry into all aspects of the way they operate with HMRC" how about a substantial investigation into all aspects of the way HMRC operate including the law breaking, violence, bullying, lying etc.

    Until we have a clean HMRC acting with integrity its difficult to understand how HMRC can provide a good service to the SLC or any other 'customers'/taxpayers - it has to be a good starting point.

  2. Drain the swamp...!

  3. 9-11
    puts all the HMRC crap in perspective

  4. Steve Lamey was a private sector high flyer before he became a HMRC one!

    1. He also bullied the Liverpool office because of their "negativity" in a staff survey. Then he back tracked claiming they had misunderstood what he said. A Premier League bully hopefully now experiencing Karma!

    2. There's a long list of bullies in HMRC...names like Dorby and Moss have been mentioned recently I see...are there any other names we did to be made aware of?

    3. Definitely Jonathan and Linda have allowed the bullying culture and the cover-ups.

    4. Try this for size;

      An individual, detested by staff and partner agencies alike, over a long period has what is estimated to be close to a hundred complaints and grievances lodged against said individual. Geographical footprint of effect is known to have cast its toxic shadow over swathes of Wales and the West Country. At least 2 of the grievances resulted in staff being awarded compensation. A tactic used by the individual was to submit counter grievances in an attempt to muddy the waters. I and others have seen for ourselves the damage caused by this individual, particul;arly, but not exclusively, to female staff.
      Following a number of grievances I was one of a number of staff who left HMRC rather than work with this individual. Said individual, true to form, submitted some 11 grievances against myself and 4 or 5 managers. Suffice to say that the case against me was unproved as were the cases against the managers. Said individual left within a year of my departure, umexpectedly, and the joke was the leaving do was held in a Cardiff telephone kiosk.
      Politicians as well as senior HMRC management were made aware of the issues especially those related to law breaking, which was highlighted as being in a Law Enforcement area and within what would be termed the evidential chain.
      Perhaps the worst aspects are;
      The cost interms of highly experienced staff lost permanently,
      The mental costs to individuals and families,
      Thee scandal of in-house "resolving of issues" undertaken within work area silo's, and, finally,
      The complete loss of respect in what were 2 pretty reasonable departments.
      The individuals name is known, I can guarantee that I and more than a few others, will step up to the plate should the opportunity arise.
      There are many copies of documentation in a myriad of hands supporting the above allegations.

      It is a disgrace that these individuals and their lawbreaking have yet to be called to account. The cover-ups are nothing short of a disgrace and an insult to all those affected.

      HMRC, you are disgusting.

  5. I raised the cases of criminal & civil law breaking up to HMRC Chief Executive level. Despite the CEO being aware the 'investigation' (cover-up) was conducted within the business unit despite HMRC rules that it should be referred to Internal Governance. They also failed to refer the evidence to outside law enforcement nor did they present the evidence to the CPS. The HMRC manager was allowed to escape any punishment, no disciplinary action was taken and they were later able to take advantage of a generous taxpayer funded enjoying an early retirement leaving behind all the destruction from their cowardly misconduct...I hope this individual is receiving help for psychopathic/compulsive liar traits...

  6. That sounds familiar!

  7. Thanks to those who have shared their experience of HMRC. My partner was an officer of several years service. As a result of what can only be described as violence,their life effectively remains on 'life support' as they come to terms with the destruction caused by bullies. A situation compounded by thorough dishonesty and brutality at the hands of over 15 management/personnel staff (some very senior and working at HQ) did their level best to ensure the truth could never emerge.I would estimate that their attempts to pervert the truth has cost the tax payer of £150k.

  8. Ignore the fact the link here is to Conservative Home it is the content which matters not the location.

    To me, this is the most important point:

    "Part of maintaining the mandarin mystique is that they pretty much always get the top jobs. Policy nearly always trumps operational and technical skills for the leadership roles. It feels like a class divide: there are the white-collar policy mandarins, and the blue-collar technicians who do operations, finance, procurement, IT and digital, project management, HR, and so on. All the attempts to create genuine parity of esteem have failed."

    This mainly is why I left HMRC over 10 years ago. Obvious that mere operational matters, including effective and proper mnagement of staff, were considered beneath the dignity of the great and the good, whose career development was based off grand policies and unworkable initiatives, far more important than actually trying to run a major department even half way properly.

    Of the essential points raised, who thinks any of these are likely:

    "Honesty about itself – especially about its own performance

    Truthfulness and accuracy in its advice to Ministers

    A genuine openness to learning and influence from outside, including external hires

    A genuine commitment to training and hard skills"

  9. None of the above four points are likely by HMRC Senior Management. In addition, they do not comply with the Civil Service Code. Even the law is a mere guide to these people, and it can seemingly be broken if it suits their agenda (self interest).

  10. Sacked today. Wonder where the charlatan cunt will turn up next?

    1. Time for that investigation into the conduct of Lamey and all the others at HMRC?

      We need answers re current & historic bullying and law-breaking within HMRC.

      Where there have been cover-ups which would undermine the public trust in HMRC those HMRC officers responsible should be prosecuted for misconduct in a public office.

      Wonder whether an HMRC CEO being far less than honest (i.e. a liar) & transparent in a letter to an MP is acceptable conduct bearing in mind the misconduct including criminal offences which were brought to his attention...

      As a former employee of HMRC I have found HMRC have continued their vile bullying via a failure to provide reasonable service (no reply to letters) to me as a taxpayer, so am in no doubt as to how low these bunch of bullies will stoop. One would be forgiven for thinking they're a law unto themselves. Nasty, cowardly bullying scumbags.