HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Another Nasty HMRC Scam

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  1. Disgraceful wouldn't be surprised if this were the real HMRC. Whatever it needs to be reported to the police.

    HMRC have no morals. If they can leave their own staff feeling suicidal through violent bullying, then sadly we cannot be surprised at this misconduct.

    HMRC have no power of arrest for any liabilities and were it a member of the staff making spurious threats over the telephone, then we should expect them to be investigated for potential criminal misconduct and sacked.

    Whoever the culprit, whether HMRC or a third party crook, let us hope these cowardly cretins face justice.

  2. Well, you should not need Sherlock Holmes to work this one out! Just requires a bit of a look-see by IG at a few records like phones and IT or maybe demand that 3rd party sub-contractors do the same.
    And if it's not either of the above then its some cnut breaking criminal law with about 3 associated offences...

  3. I heard on BBC 5Live today that HMRC's Admin Officers are helping frontline Border Force at Airports as part of the rapid response teams. Wow is there no end to these people's talents. It's all very reassuring.

  4. You would think it's easy for HMRC to check their phone records for in and out going calls to see whether or not the call was made from their staff and then provide an honest answer so other lines of inquiry can be made, if necessary, to prosecute the offender.
    However as a former employee of HMRC, I has a manager who lied on official documents claiming to have called me on several occasions when they did not. I suggested to HMRC that they could, and indeed should, check their records but they would not do so. Perhaps this information is too difficult to ascertain when they have something to hide such as misconduct and corruption...

  5. Can one of you armchair libertarians explain to me why this story is HMRC's fault? They didn't do it (if the story is true; Milady Altmann is not exactly politically neutral).

    It seems that some of you are so eager to kick HMRC that you don't allow rational thought to intervene.

  6. This scam is rife currently in some areas with criminal gangs targeting old people - usually where they live in sheltered accommodation, and are easily identifiable - more likely to be listed in phone book, have a land line etc.And another point- you have to report this kind of activity to Action Fraud - the Police are simply not interested.

  7. Rational thought and HMRC do not sit together well.

    As for the Police not being interested, WTF?!
    From HMRC report April 2013 .gov - Adrian Farley, HMRC Assistant Director of Criminal Investigation, said:

    "Impersonating an HMRC officer is a serious criminal offence and we will take action against anyone found committing this crime."

    Associated serious criminal offences might include conspiracy, obtaining pecuniary advantage by deception, fraud,
    Since when were the Police allowed to ignore possible organised crime behaviour and/or conspiracy? Sorry, they investigate CPS prosecute, next question...

    Perhaps someone should be doing reverse phonework and link analysis instead of relying on the 'Findus Principle' i.e. success on a plate with it all wrapped up in a bundle and pink tape. Someone needs to get off their rears and maybe get officers working inland and not at the borders?

  8. HMRC's own website refers you to Action Fraud if you get bogus phone calls! It does have an email address if you get a phishing email - otherwise its not interested.

  9. So, more layers of bureaucracy added, and who benefits - the criminals, and why?
    Punter - Action Fraud - National Fraud Intelligence Bureau - Police organisation or partner agencies as an intelligence "package" - into the tasking and co-ordination process (effectively given risk points from nfa upwards, considered for action, passed for action (slim chance), not adopted, return to start, do not pass go, criminals collect £££.
    How much extra this added value costs, who knows, who cares?
    Does make you wonder just how many layers there are and whose systems are not automatically checked against others in these digital daze, oh yes, "taxpayer confidentiality" or is it "customer confidentiality"?

    YCNMTSU, could the situation be improved to the benefit of all (except the crims!)?

  10. What about the criminals inside HMRC ?

    This scam is an appalling story, and I'm sure we all have great sympathy with the victim, and hope it will serve as warning to others to guard against HMRC impersonators.

    A bigger scandal is HMRC's failure to take appropriate action (clue: it starts with a proper investigation) against law breakers and criminals working inside HMRC.

    My partner made Jon Thompson, Charmaine De Souza and others aware of law breaking and yet they failed to take any action against those responsible. It seemed as though their ignorance to this was all part of a campaign of inhumane HMRC bullying by many against one individual for daring to highlight the wrongdoing.

    Horrible, horrible bullies.