HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

HMRC Rigs IR35 Minutes

As I have noted before, HMRC is perfectly happy to rig things in order to present itself in the most favourable light eg

Therefore it should come as no surprise top learn that it also rigged the minutes of July's IR35 Forum.

Contractor UK reports that two advisers to contractors have raised serious concerns about July’s IR35 Forum after a member broke cover with ContractorUK to exclusively criticise the meeting’s minutes.

Status expert Kate Cottrell, who attended, was first to reveal that rather than being a straight record of the meeting, the minutes were “just a one-sided view” -- HMRC’s, of how IR35 reforms it made in April have bedded in.

Since publication of her article last Wednesday, similar concerns have now been raised by both the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed -- another IR35 Forum member, and Qdos, a non-member who specialises in IR35 contract reviews.

“The recent minutes do not accurately reflect the frank discussions at the July meeting and I have today expressed my concern about this to HMRC,” the association’s James Collings said on Thursday.

He added:
In the meeting, myself and other stakeholders raised serious concerns about the significant failings of, and damage created by, the rollout of IR35 changes in the public sector.

However, these conversations were not captured in the official minutes, which were published without forum members being informed.”  
He who writes the minutes controls history!

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  1. The rigging of minutes and rigging staff survey results is clearly misconduct in the disciplinary sense, but also potentially in terms of an offence of Misconduct in Public Office.

    HMRC allowed clear lies by a manager to remain on official documents despite that amounting to various criminal offences not least the Data Protection Act 1998 (data must be accurate) and a potential serious common law offence of Misconduct in Public Office (particularly given the manager's motivation for doing so).

    These issues were raised, including via a Member of Parliament, however HMRC have to date continued to suppress reality. The Chief Executive, Jon Thompson, replied to an MP letter attempting to fob them off and with information which he knew, or ought to have known, was dishonest & misleading.

    WHEN will HMRC be investigated by the authorities?

  2. Let's get this right...
    These bastards rig the staff survey, rig the minutes of a meeting attended by private sector professionals, let alone all the other issues stated hereon?

    WTF is going on if these sorts of practices are leaking out, makes one wonder what is going on in HMRC when they are so blatantly breaking civil and criminal laws, best practice, civil service regulations, own occupational health findings and have an inability to avoid wasting taxpayers money on a massive scale.
    It is crying out for more than an IPCC investigation, there is a serious malaise surroinding this and the elephant in the corner has been joined by the rest of the herd!
    ANother intersting point, WTF are HMRC staff doing at the borders, didn't Border Farce get enough staff and money to do the job? Also, are these the "flying monkeys" again, hire cars, hotels and 2 weeks on 2 weeks off?! The bootleggers used to refer to them as "The Gooneys".
    Get a grip someone FFS.

  3. And if anyone remembers, David Hartnett attended high level meetings with large companies, which led to "alledged" lowering of their tax liabilities, without making a single note of what was discussed. Hey presto-no need to rig any notes