HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

HMRC Wants 5,000 More Staff For No Deal Brexit

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  1. I toad ya so! Eedjits!

    Clear sky thinking, Poka Mok, Six Sigma, Lean, Common Purpose, crystal ball, tea leaves, chicken entrails...WTF?!

    Sounds of great laughter and derision as it finally sinks home, oops, don'tcha think we should have kept a few staff back. This has been on the horizon for a little while now, you would have thought one of those "fast trackers" would have seen it coming even if Excom couldn't. Mind you if your head is up your rear or buried in the sand what do you expect.

    Don't forget HMRC that importers and exporters will be expecting a high level mof competant service in this digital age, better ditch the abacus and slate tablets now rather than later. 2017 the digital age? Oh dear, Ha Ha Ha Ha, burble, YCNMTSU!

    Mind the revolving doors, dont't bang yer collective arses on the way out.

    Have not had such a laugh for ages. Cannot wait to see the interim clusterfuck in 'action', and their IT resilience, don't get me started again!

  2. Importers & Exporters = "customers" unless I am mistaken?

  3. Who in their right mind would wish to join HMRC where pay and conditions have fallen and bullying is widespread?

  4. HMRC should not be given another penny for recruitment until they can prove they have got a grip of the widespread bullying, law-breaking, misconduct & cover -up culture.

    As members of their Senior Management, including the CEO, have been made aware of instances of serious bullying & law-breaking (criminal & civil) it seems clear that with there being a distinct possibility of a 'no deal' the government should be making plans for 'fresh leadership' at HMRC.

    As the above comment says, nobody in their right mind would wish to join HMRC - it is a completely unsafe environment, where all the usual legal protections (criminal & civil) do not apply to the thugs are allowed to run amok ruining people's careers and lives, not to mention undermining the very integrity of the Department.

    Those guilty will be named & shamed, but the onus is surely on HMG to conduct a thorough investigation and ensure those who have committed various law-breaking, including potential Misconduct in Public Office, are brought to justice.

    In a democracy it is more than concerning that certain HMRC officers have been put above the law...

    A dishonest, nasty and violent (dis)organisation.

    1. ....and it comes to pass...the bullying from a deranged manager has begun in our office too...this bastard had better watch their back...they may end up regretting it...heading down the official bullying channels never produces any results....there are other methods.

  5. A question for the committee. " How many trained , experienced knowledgeable, reliable , trustworthy customs staff have you discarded in the past 5 years?"

    1. All of them!

    2. HMRC certainly have few staff working in management or HR who are reliable and trustworthy.

      As a former HMRC Officer I was relentlessly bullied over a period of time. Having made a complaint against managers they were given a clear opportunity to collude and fabricate documents to fit their 'evidence' around my account. An HR advisor even had meeting and several email exchanges with the guilty parties months prior to a delayed internal grievance 'investigation' which was a complete charade. Despite being made aware of allegations of bullying, harassment, outside third party involvement and lawbreaking (including criminal offences) the matter was not even referred to their Internal Governance investigators as per clearly detailed instructions, simply adding to the sense they were doing their utmost to cover-up serious wrongdoing. I am accusing HMRC personnel of behaviour which amounts to attempting to pervert the course of justice, misconduct in public office and other potential offences.