HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Monday, 12 March 2018

RIP Sir Ken Dodd - The Man Who Beat HMRC

As reported by The Herald Scotland in 1989:
"Ken Dodd walked free from Liverpool Crown Court yesterday
after being acquitted on all eight charges in his tax fraud trial. 

Cheers broke out in the public gallery as the verdicts were announced
at the end of the 23-day trial. Mr Dodd reeled from side to side,
clutched the rail of the dock, looked upwards, then turned to the jury
and said: ''Thank-you.'' 

As the foreman delivered the last of the three remaining verdicts of
not guilty, the 61-year-old Ken Dodd gasped, smiled broadly, and
embraced his solicitor. 

The courtroom erupted, people in the public gallery leapt to their
feet waving their arms in the air and there was an outburst of cheering.

Mr Dodd's fiancee Anne Jones collapsed into the arms of a friend,
weeping with joy. Police handed a glass of water to Miss Jones, a former Bluebell dancer who shares the comedian's home in Thomas Lane, Knotty Ash, Liverpool. 

Then Mr Dodd appeared to break down in the dock, struggling to hold
back tears. He stepped shakily from the dock and was congratulated by
some of the public. 

Earlier the jury had returned verdicts of not guilty on the five other
The Diddy Man took on Goliath and won!

Oh, and here is the final two fingered gesture to HMRC from Sir Ken:

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  1. But did he "beat" HMRC? He escaped the criminal charges largely thanks to the brilliance of George Carmen QC who insisted the case must be heard by a jury in Liverpool. As I understand the position there never was a civil tax case as he settled the tax charge in full including interest and penalties. Unlike Lester Pigott who did go to prison.

    1. Agreed....Dodd was not only an over rated "comedian" but also a tax evader...Piggott went to prison cos he a grumpy old sod...Dodd escaped due to his wackiness....both were greedy sods who held up a sick person's hospital appointment.

  2. He didn't beat HMRC, but The Inland Revenue!

    1. In reality the Inland Revenue is us...the man and woman on the street...I don't understand this romanticism of Ken Dodd....he was a rich man who refused to pay his taxes...why the fuck is that so admired ? The twat was stealing from us. In reality he had to pay back approx £2m after being even after his deathbed 2 finger inheritance salute to the taxman...he didn't really get one over the IR.
      RIP Mr Dodd

    2. Assume you will enter Private Eye's pedantry corner. Does not detract from the fact he stole from you and me.

  3. Odd how Ken is admired for "getting one over on the taxman" by evading his tax liabilities, yet Jimmy Carr was heavily criticised for avoiding tax using a scheme sold to him by accountants. The taxpayers in the UK are a funny lot.