HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Friday, 2 March 2018

Snow Stops Taxes


HMRC services during the cold weather

How this week's extreme weather is affecting some of our services.
The adverse weather this week has been affecting our staff and contact centres across the country.
HMRC staff are working hard to keep as many services open as possible, but we have had to close some of our sites.

This means that waiting times on our phones lines may be longer than usual, and we have closed a small number of specialist phone lines.

We expect these services to be up and running again during the weekend and to be fully operational by the start of next week.

Our online services are still available, as is support through Twitter @HMRCcustomers and on Facebook.

Thank you for your continued patience.

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Typical HMRC. Any excuse for the shirkers to take paid 'snow days' off. I bet Field Force staff will have suspended visits too - even though the main and town/city roads in many parts of the UK are absolutely fine. Lazy people who treat it as a gravy train. Meanwhile, most the decent staff have been made redundant or bullied out.

    1. How the hell can you turn any post into another rant about bullying. Give it a rest . PLEASE!

    2. Hear. Hear. Never came across bullying in 11 years. Any person manager or otherwise who tried it on me or the people I have worked with would regret being born. Give it a rest.

    3. Well said, the last two posters, I was thinking exactly the same thing. While I've heard a few allegations of bullying in my time, what it mainly boiled down to was staff being asked to do something that they didn't actually fancy doing. So they go running to the union claiming it's bullying. After a couple of instances of this, even the union told them to shove it.

      There are undoubtedly SOME examples of bullying - after all, there are a lot of shitbag managers in HMRC now. But if anything is ever going to be done about it, it has to be through the proper official channels. Bleating about it on this site time after fucking time is going to change nothing.

  2. You can bet EXCOM have understated the situation, i bet its chaos.

  3. We turned in but No bugger rang so we hit the tea bags.

  4. Oh for heaven's sake! The M62 has been blocked, cars have been buried in drifts, no trains running and yet we are still berated for not risking life & limb to get to work (where contractors can't be bothered to grit outside).

  5. I too get fed up with every single post has to be turned to bullying. If it's so true, then name names or at least say what the bullying was over.

    There was someone on here a while ago where every post mentioned that he would have his day in court and get massive damages from them. Not heard a peep from the person for months.

    I very much doubt bullying is any more than it is in any other government department or business. Perhaps attitudes have changed in that what was seen as just telling someone to do their job back in 1998 is now seen as bullying. Life moves on.

    1. Kind of wish HMRC would just "do their job". Just an average tax payer fed up waiting for a reply to a letter for a year now. Terrible customer service and its far worse now than in 1998.

    2. Blame senior management....they make us "engage" with them through staff surveys etc....we tell them howe to fix the problems.....and what do they do with the results ? Fucking ignore them...they are the problem...not the lower grades who get the flak !!

  6. I worked in the place for 22 years. I have no reason to doubt the bullying culture; particularly in more recent years.Its not as a squeaky clean dept like the green would believe.

    Some person on here claimed to have been bullied out after something like 40 years service. They alleged it was subject to a cover up claiming that a manager even resigned over how he was being asked to participate in the cover up.

    I too remember someone claimed to be taking an Employment Tribunal a few months back. It would be interesting to know how that went?? Its a big challenge to get the truth heard when Hmrc fabricate evidence.

    These issues have been raised at a high level.Agree though that nowt will change until something like a proper investigation is conducted.

  7. Having seen how HMRC mistreat taxpayers with zero accountability I am inclined to believe accounts of them treating staff like shit too. Just saying.

  8. I am still working for the is a true shithole emanating from senior management downwards...the lower grades are the only ones doing any the blame where it deserves to placed...SCUM SENIOR MANAGEMENT !!

  9. Its been said before...Parliament is aware of the situation within HMRC, as are the press, the unions and the medical and legal sytems. It is impossible to ignore the evidence for much longer.
    A few earlier posts on this thread exhibit cassic indications of 'fast track trollers', these appear on here from time to time but are relatively easy to spot.
    Whether someone ever adds up the financial and human costs of this debacle remains to be seen. It is in the millions and is a disgrace and insult to the staff and taxpayers who pick up the tab.

    1. Some might view your comment about 'fast track trollers' in itself carrying a whiff of the bullying that you allude to in your post - you have no idea who these people are and do yourself no favours taking such a hypocrytical stance.

    2. Yes, I too found it interesting that as soon as anybody offered a view with some balance and perspective, it was implied that they were fast-track shills. Clearly the paranoia runs deep.

    3. Lets us consider a few facts;
      The title of and introduction to this blog,
      The number of years this blog has been running,
      My personal experiences, as reported to my M.P. and Margaret Hodge (she of Osita Mba fame),

      I think you begin to get the picture, as to referring to alleged fast trackers posting on here being trolls, get a life snowflakes.
      Ken Frost is to be applauded for keeping this blog runnimg covering subjects that the MSM does not publish.
      Perhaps your concerns could be directed to the sheer waste of taxpayers money as referred to previously.
      The misuse of surveillance powers by HMRC against Osita Mba (as confirmed by the Surveillance Commissioner),
      Succesive years of disastrous staff review surveys (as publicly available),
      No trolls or shills or snowflakes have been harmed, intentionally or otherwise, during the compilation of this posting...

    4. Anonymous 6 March 2018 at 09:40
      I can see why you were dismissed.And pretending to be lots of other people agreeing with your toxic comments is blatently obvious.

    5. Dear misguided entity, there are none so blind etc...
      Firstly let me state clearly;
      I was not dismissed (despite sick leave exceeding 12 months), I resigned/took retirement (not only with no enhancement but with a subsequent pension reduction) this was in disgust at the way I was treated and the senior manager who dealt with an unfounded "management" grievance did the same thing and left in disgust (regular readers will recognise this statement),
      I have not, nor never would, play at sock puppets (look it up if unsure),
      If my comments appear toxic to you perhaps you should find a pink and fluffy PC site that suits your thin epidermis?
      Always be sure of your facts before pening your mouth and sticking your foot in it.

    6. Hmrc don't half sound like a corrupt place - Basically staff make up the stats??? Whatever next!? Next we'll be hearing that management stooges were allowed to commit criminal offences against staff and avoided investigation, all with the help of HR and in the full knowledge of the the CEO...Do. Not. Trust. This. Bunch. Open. Your. Eyes. To. Reality.

  10. @ 6/3 09:40, hear, hear. HMRC has a nasty bullying & cover up culture. Fact. If the snowflakes, the trolls & those on the gravy train can't handle that fact then tough - it's nothing compared to what the survivors of HMRC bullying have been subjected to.

    I too applaud Ken Frost's excellent work in running this blog, often shining a light on what HMRC don't want the public to know about.

    Some recent comments on here have all the hallmarks of being insiders - whether that be management, HR or fast trackers, who knows, or cares. It's a classic reaction from those who believe they are 'above the rules' when the truth is being exposed.

    1. Agreed....perhaps senior management are the real paranoid ones...and have got a few of their brown nosed friends on here to defend the indefensible.

    2. Cor, a lot of bile on here at the moment. I left HMRC many years ago but have been a regular reader (and occasional poster) since (bloody hell) 2007, mainly to see what the bastards are up to now. I'd like to hear Ken's view on content. Are you interested in varied opinion, or do you just want the crap-slinging? Your blog, your call mate. For my part, I think the blog provides a useful medium for exposing some key issues to a wider audience but it's a blue touch-paper rather than the final solution and everybody needs to recognise that if anything tangible is going to change in HMRC then it has to get properly legal. That's the way the world works, kiddies.

      Oh, and as for fast-trackers, as the great Bob Hoskins once observed: I shit 'em.

    3. This is the same HMRC who encourages it's staff to (nudge nudge wink wink) underestimate their working hours so that management productivity figures meet's all smoke and mirrors,slight of hand...nothing is ever put in's all done on a nod and a's disgusting.
      This is one horror of an employer who would buy and sell you in a scum !!!

    4. Agreed ...and the staff have no choice but to follow the above "advice"...if not they are hauled over the coals as to why they have not met their own individual targets....and handed a "must improve".
      So in reality...find a way to meet the targets at any cost.
      Incredible !!!