HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Feedback About HMRC Website

HMRC have asked for feedback from customers (I mean taxpayers) about the HMRC website.

The feedback can be given via this online form HMRC website quality survey.

Strangely enough the "What's new" section of the HMRC website does not feature this initiative, nor can I find via the HMRC search engine any mention of it, which makes one wonder how people who visit the site are meant to know about it.

Therefore one might care to flag to HMRC that initiatives such as this ought to be made more prominent on the HMRC website, and that the HMRC search engine needs to be improved.

Just a suggestion though:)

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  1. The search engine needs to be improved should be the first recommendation

  2. Instead of the website why don't they ask for feedback about HMRC?
    Readers and/or "customers" should be encouraged to provide feedback, you know it makes sense.

  3. If you think the search facility on the external site is bad, you should see the one on the Intranet.

    They've been talking about improving it (i.e., actually enabling users to find things) for at least three years, but there always seems to be a 'shortage of resources'.

  4. I used to use the LSC website a lot and found Google was better at finding what I was looking for and it appears to be the same for the HMRC site.

  5. I agree with 17;01's comments.
    I would also add that when I first used HMRC Website a few years ago it was more user friendly than it is now. Some of the "improvements" did the opposite.

  6. Here's some feedback for HMRC's website. Close it down. We dont want it, or you.

  7. Loving the IVR Call Tree - after listening for 4 minutes the voice telling me all about the website, I get busy tone. Then each time I try and re-dial, I have to go through the same 'informative' experience.

    Absolutely Rubbish - I just want to speak to someone to tell them of a change in personal circumstances which will alter my tax code.

  8. I had phone call from HMRC they refused or were unable to name either me or the company which they wanted to talk about. So I refused to talk until they made the "connection". Could have been from Nigeria for all I knew. Turns out call was from HMRC....! Is this how HMRC behave.......?