HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Friday, 15 April 2011



Quel Demage!

The Treasury Select Committee has issued a report that concludes that much more work is needed before the tax system is said to be moving towards simplification.

It seems that, at "best", the measures taken by George Osborne have slowed "the rate of increase of complexity".

Accountancy Age quote the report:

"However, the primary duty for securing simplification should lie with the Government in its design and administration of the tax system."

Quite right!

Sadly the politicians, who are repsonsibile for this mess, have no real intention of simplifying the system. We are locked on a "defined path" of ever increasing complexity.

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. The system can be made simple if they want it that way. The reason is that they dont. They want to think up every life scenario and be able to tax for it.

    They have created a monster they are unable to control themselves. (done in the name of controlling us) - GOOD. Let's all roll around in the mud now.


    Ok, it is often said on here by members of the public that HMRC employees should stand up and be counted, take action, get things to change, the public will be behind them, PCS should be forced into taking action.

    This link shows that DWP Contact Centre staff are having to deal with the same argets, the same conditions - they say that they aren't allowed to stay on the phone long enough to help callers as they are overly monitored.

    Should be interesting to watch the comments as they appear on this see exactly how far the public will support the staff when they take strike action. HMRC staff take note -

  3. I do not work for HMRC but have a relative who does so I understand fully what is going on within HMRC.

    In my opinion the PCS have made a mistake. They have balloted people about taking action regarding the working conditions and then started going on about pensions again. I cannot see how you expect to get public support when once again the main issue is pensions.

  4. PCS & ARC unions have managed to persuade HMRC management to order an urgent review of its imposed policy on attendance management & wellbeing, amongst other things to
    ensure that
    all strands of work to properly and fairly manage attendance are operated consistently
    managers understand their role and how they operate
    employees understand their obligations
    other words like discretion, meaningful and timely dialogue, sympatheticaly and recognition of something referred to as employee disharmony (very pissed off maybe?)
    So, well done PCS/ARC and well done membership for waking up at last and using your votes.
    Quick note for Pacesetter toadies - your time is running out, soon it will be too late and the old excuse of only doing as you were told will be replaced by what part of vicarious liability and duty of care dont you understand.
    See you in court m@!ther f@@kers!

  5. re. 15/4 14:10
    The system is simple, if you want to fiddle it that is.
    If you are dishonest, an illegal with a false identity, one of those phone fraudsters or a Mr Big all you have to do is ask for it and for some unfathomable reason the dozy prats pay it to you. You can even do it online I'm told.
    Same as the dozy prats don't have a clue how much is being nicked 'cos they don't really have to care. Some'at wrong there surely. Now, how much did Vodaphone really expect to pay I wonder?

  6. "Lets hope its not using Toyota technology otherwise it'll be useless" Quote from Top Gear 2 mins ago when the Stig was driving the Lexus £350k supercar.
    Technology trimmed by pacesetter maybe?

  7. Evidently 2011/12 plan out today.
    Some very interesting bits, should be on their site by now as its a public information document.
    Will leave you all to find the interesting = admission of failure/acceptance of we didn't get it right bits as you digest it.
    It has to be said they would appear to be listening to their staff just a tad. Long way to go though and most of it uphill.