HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Monday, 19 September 2011

Beaker's Terrific Wheeze II - The Reality Behind the Bullshit

My thanks to the loyal reader who has succinctly, and eloquently, summed up the reality behind Danny "Beaker" Alexander's bullshit statement about recruiting 2,000 extra tax inspectors.

Suffice to say, Beaker is talking bollocks; in fact his "plan" will, cost the taxpayer more and make service levels worse.

I wonder if Georgie Porgie knows?

Here is the reality behing the bullshit:

"In the words of Jim Royal "My arse", all that's happening is transfers to enforcement and compliance. 

This will be mainly from processing, and they are going to recruit fixed term appointments to plug the gap until the NPS system is running without the glitches then dump them.

So if you think it's a long time to get a reply from HMRC now just wait until the new bods start (well they will need some training won't they)

Note I am still waiting fro Beaker to answer my Tweet yesterday asking him where the money is coming from. 

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. I dont know where your loyal reader gets their info from.

    There aren't enough people with real tax experience working in Personal Tax anymore to transfer over. Those with tax experience have been moved out to other business areas to make way for the call centre generation. The jobs are open across the civil service to anyone who has previous tax experience.

    No worries though. There's a pilot going to start where call centre jobs are outsourced to private companies. Take note as there's sure to be a massive decrease in waiting times soon. And no need for temporary staff either

  2. But, but!
    Doesn't that mean throwing more people and £'s at a failing system?

    Private firms having access to systems, what price taxpayer confidentiality?

    Why not privatise the whole sorry mess and be done with it, could even pay another fortune on rebranding and reprinting, how about UKTAX PLC or LLP?

    Bet the board would have offshore tax "facilities", could they even be non-doms, does anyone care anymore?

  3. @18.29

    1) They won't be HMRC people thrown but private profit making company people.

    2) They are being given access to HMRC records.

    3) Privatisation is coming.

    The public have what they wanted - private companies with access to their tax records but of course it'll be dealt with more efficiently. After all, look at the debt collection companies working hand in hand already.


  4. Damn

    Does that mean we can see Privatisation all the way, eventually?

    But what happened to the politically independant and civil service, surely big business is all about profit, and if you don't pay all the right tax at the right time you increase your profit margins at public expense?

    That could never happen it would be an abuse of private, oops, sorry, public office surely?

    What next, writing off millions of £'s in interest.......De Ja Vue anyone?

  5. Please see the link poster at 17:03

    "This year, an additional 2,250 HMRC staff will move into new anti-evasion and avoidance jobs. This month, over 1,000 of these jobs are being advertised. And already this package is bearing fruit".

    Directly from the said Mr Alexander.

  6. Got it now, its just a play on words, an extra 2,500 tax inspectors recruited actually means transferred from other jobs, from anywhere in civil service not just the (still) 103rd.
    But haven't they just committed to shedding 10,000 jobs with about 3q/2 years to go, having shed thousands since the merger.
    Does this mean they got rid of too many in their rush to shed jobs?

  7. @19 September 2011 23:12

    No that couldn't possibly be true! That would mean that the decimation of DWP/HMRC/Land Registry etc was 'pandering to the Daily Mail/Express readership' motivated!

  8. you really all are pretty thick...the transfers are not for the inspector jobs.they are for compliance caseworker posts. The inspectors are being recruited in the normal way both externally and internally with basic entry requirements such as an honours degree. Did u really think they'd transfer a call centre advisor to an inspector grade without qualification meriting the move? fucking hell. no wonder you can't deal with your tax....

  9. @05.06

    The jobs for tax professionals were advertised AFTER the comments were made on this site about caseworker vacancies.

    Perhaps you should do more research before you comment in future (or even read dates/times).


  10. HEO caseworkers ARE Inspectors.