HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Happy Staff Survey Day!

Today is the day the HMRC staff survey commences.


By happenstance I came across this example of how not to treat one's staff, read the details on the Channel 4 News website:

"...The claim comes from an officer who, as Channel 4 News has learned, received £790,000 from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) earlier this year in an out-of-court settlement after suing them for, among other things, failing to keep him safe from psychiatric harm....

A marked feature of this case is the struggle which he experienced when trying to get the help he needed from Customs. It's been claimed HMRC was persistently uncooperative in efforts to get Mike the necessary treatment he needed."

As per a request made by a loyal reader, are there any deliberately misleading questions that could give a false positive?


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  1. All taxpayers dealing with HMRC should lodge similar claims!

  2. Yep, " invitations" to complete staff survey 2011 are hitting inboxes from today in a phased manner.

    Fill the survey with the truth and help make HMRC better for taxpayers and staff alike.

    Who knows, a fourth year of hideous engagement scores may actually lead to positive change. Well, I can dream!

  3. @12:06


    This is what I have asserted all along.
    If they can give untold riches to one of their own, a typical act of cowardice (in that it was settled 'out of court')they can bally well stump up for the untold misery they have perpetrated on us poor proles.
    As DEl Boy would say:' This time next year Rod-er-ny, we will all be rich'
    Isn't ANYONE brave enough to take them on?....after all, it is not as if they are that CLEVER.......

  4. When the inevitable poor results for the peoples survey come in, whats the betting that EXCOM will blame the bad publicity for skewing the opinions of staff and doing it as a retalitory act. Pretty much a certainty i reckon. Has anyone who has seen the survey,are there any deliberately misleading questons that could give a false positive??

  5. I should stick a claim in too!! Whoo-hoo.

    Working there wrecked my mental health, depression etc. Looking back it was probably a deliberate ploy, although a stealth one not just against me but many others to encourage you to leave.

    A warning to people still with HMRC- I'm no doctor but Pay very close attention to your health. Its all a bit of a laugh cracking jokes about the aggressive management, Pacesetter, etc but year after year of it and you wont be a happy camper health wise.

    Good luck with the survey.

  6. Well well well!

    The lid is really coming off at long last. It has been suspected for some time that there was a real humdinger in the pipeline. Well done Channel 4, I will be researching this shortly...

    Maybe we will see interest from HMIC, IPCC after all.

    Looks like the truth isn't seeping out anymore its beginning to gush.

    Use the survey openly and honestly you owe it to your colleagues and the "customers" of HMRC.

    Keep it coming Ken, I sense a lightening in the Eastern sky.

  7. Hmmm....

    Read the Channel 4 brief

    Potentially looks like a case of failure of duty of care, mismanagement, poor H&S and risk assessments etc. etc., no wonder they opted to settle out of court but how has this tragedy really come about.

    Another Genie out of the bottle, bet this one has more than a few miles left to run?

  8. FYI Ken,

    PCS are recommending that the survey NOT be completed.

    As a PCS member I`m not sure what I will do.

  9. Seemples...

    Complete it or you waste an opportunity to have your views considered in the bigger picture.

    Look at the amount of attention and embarrassment last years 103rd brought, if it happens again no amount of smoke and mirrors can hide the issues and the sooner government realises the better as what is on the horizon won't make things better.

  10. The following link explains PCS reason.