HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Hearts and Minds II Psy Ops

As the start of the HMRC staff survey is not far away, it is worthwhile (I think anyway) highlighting a comment made by a loyal reader about yesterday's article about how HMRC management are conducting a "hearts and minds" operation designed to try to influence the results of the survey.

The loyal reader also notes that PCS may well be complicit in the "hearts and minds" strategy (PCS's vested interest, wrt the status quo, has been alluded to by other loyal readers over the previous months).

The key point being that the survey results are very important, Excom cannot afford to allow HMRC to rank 103rd again.

However, there is insufficient time for any serious and genuine changes/improvements in management/structure of HMRC to have a meaningful effect on efficiency and staff moral (if such changes/improvements really are being made). Therefore short term "mood enhancers", such as those described yesterday and in the comment below, are being used.

Don't let them fool you!

Here is the comment in full:

"The strategy has been subtle and big questions raised about PCS complicity, i.e. suggesting a boycott of the vote and also their "campaigning" "effort".

Never have such smoke and mirror and snake oil salesman tactics been used with such gusto:-

Awards ceremonies and nominations,

"Campus" events to show "engagement" (with sweet wrappers!)

Almost weekly reviews of the success stories associated with the engagement activities,

Caring approaches to HSW and DDA/EQA issues, training for managers (mandatory) better guidance for managers, statements from CEO downwards about how seriously these issues will be dealt with [is all this an admission it wasn't being done before? - you bet!].

I am on the optimistic side of the fence, and I know the public is beginning to see through the cloak of lies about pensions, I am confident that HMRC staff will use their vote wisely and freely despite messages to the contrary.

The posts being advertised are a double issue, they arise from the money guaranteed by the treasury in return for quite an about turn (cue creative accounting methods?) and also lucky timing to make the world look better through rose tints. Well frankly even a pile of dog excrement would be an improvement on the current environment.

The answer may be as has been referred to before, reduce the pot of departments so instead of being 103rd out of 103 (last) you become 101st out of 102 (massive improvement in results).

LOL - vote wisely colleagues...

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  1. Sorry to be off topic but i was wondering if the escalated public workers strike action may well be the nail in the coffin for EXCOM as regards the peoples survey. Any thoughts?

  2. Have the estate (sorry people and office pland been published yet)?

  3. Yes they have here

    also a word of advice, if you find me working in your building in the future be worried ! - because every building I have worked in has closed !

  4. Said it before, say it again...

    Cue "The Battle Hymn of The Republic"!

    There has to be a big change in staff views not only of HMRC and its pathetic management but also in the way in which Politically there has been an overlap with not only Pay and Conditions but also the Public Sector Pensions. The staff know only too well that a pay freeze is a pay cut in effect they also have seen straight through the total pensions proposals including letting in the Private Sector to grab at the pot!

    The benefit of modern technology however is the internet and its ability to allow the truth to be readily and easily available. Even pensioners are comfortable bimbling about the ether and they certainly know how thinly their bread is buttered.

    Whilst the general public may not be overtly supportive they are waking up to the effects of years of cuts and privatisation and waste.

    Yes, the time is right, colleagues across the public sector will vote according to their experiences, and they have not been good no matter the volume of snake oil, smoke or reflections emanating from a panicking management system.

    I am neither an anarchist nor a looney far left person, I know the difference between right and wrong, not that anarchists and Trots (is there a difference) don't, its just that I don't wish to see the country totally go to the dogs with the far right/artful dodger & chums selling off whats left of the silverware, although ironically I'm fairly convinced that at least the Trots dont want to see it go that far!.

    BTW who has assets protected offshore?

    Google artful dodger offshore tax haven and see what comes up!

    Now, have you seen a continuous rise in the cost of weekly shopping, fuel, energy, finances, holidays (what's a holiday), childcare, funerals, beer and wine, cigarettes etc. etc.

    Its all connected use your opportunity and give them the feedback.

  5. I followed the link in the 18:12 posting and found this.

    Dont think HMRC will be getting better results somehow

  6. had a look, absolutely agree.

    They are fecked!

    All truths are easy to understand.
    The point is to discover them.