HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Monday, 12 September 2011

Curiouser and Curiouser II

My thanks to the loyal reader who posted the text of Lesley Strathie's News Board message to the troops, telling them all to keep sending her emails (see below).

It seems The Grande Dame wrote it in a hurry (as there is a grammatical error - well spotted by the loyal reader!).

The underlying "message" within the message is that she wants you to believe that she is coming back.

She is not coming back.

As to the precise date of the announcement of her departure, GOD knows.

The Kremlinologists amongst my loyal readers may want to think about that.

The text:

 "As I explained my message (sic) to you on 19 July, whilst I am out of the office, Mike Clasper, HMRCs non-executive chairman, will provide leadership and direction to the Department on my behalf as Chief Executive. Dave Hartnett, Permanent Secretary for Tax, has taken on the role of Principal Accounting Officer (PAO) on an interim basis, and will be accountable for the Department's performance and the money we collect and spend.

Although the work is being managed differently for a while, emails should continue to be directed to me, and my Office will either action, or re-allocate to Dave Hartnett or Mike Clasper accordingly. 

This is important for ensuring there is a clear handover and audit trail for my return.

I very much look forward to being back with you all in the autumn

Finished with a flourish of a photocopied signature of DLS, dated 31 August 2011.

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  1. Ken

    The Op Delivery thing is a bit of a smokescreen. Just because she's head of something doesn't mean that she actually does anything with it (Hmm... where else could we lay that allegation?!!!??!!)

    The Op Delivery role is more of a figurehead thing which looks very good on the CV but won't be a full time role for her. (opening a bag of crisps would probably be challenging enough for her...)I think the project for Op Delivery across the Civil Service is sitting with BIS but she's not going to go there.

    So to be the bringer of bad news but this isn't the route she will take to get out.

    Keep up the good work though and remember - not long now until the 2011 People Survey opens which should give you enough material to be going on with.

  2. Agree about the People Survey. Anyone with half a brain will know that this year is vital for HMRC. Remember last year, HMRC was outside of the normal "review" process that the rest of the Civil Service has to be subjected to. If you recall, HMRC survey started and finished earlier.

    This year HMRC survey begins on Sept 16, this Friday. If the other surveys begin later, then, we can conclude that HMRC is still "special".

  3. Uh HMRC is "special" all right, so "special" it gets to chose when the race starts again.

    The staff are unlikely to fall for the smoke 'n' mirrors campaign about how well we done, how good we are, we are all in this together for the long haul, blimey, the sounds of trumpeting over the last few months have been like an elephant stampede, what an improvement we have made.

    We must also remember that you can't change views or opinions overnight and that another 2 years will be required before we see an improvement.

    Well I'vr got news for we, we are not amused and the threat to the Civil Service pensions is becoming ever clearer, fancy waiting until you are 67 before you can claim your Civil Service pension, no, me neither.

    I believe that we will vote according to our experiences and not the plethora of untruths, half-truths and lies cascading almost daily.

    The truth is out, we have all seen it!

  4. I always give the unvarnished truth when I complete my annual staff survey.

    Cant wait for the next one ! - last year to the question how could things improve I replied sack DLS - what should I ask for this year ....

  5. try asking for my redundancy please..pretty please

  6. Redundancies will happen although most sane people believe this will be a last resort politically.

    There is every chance the public would support the civil service when it realises it has been lied to again.

    Could be an interesting Autumn of discontent, wonder if HMRC will arrange for the People Survey results to be buried this year?

    Bring it on pretty please, bring it on.

    Now, back in your basket, good dog, do I have to tell you again?

  7. Topical query, not unrelated...

    All been reading the newspapers, seen the news, listened to the radio?

    No, not 10th anniversary of 9-11, that obviously upset some idiot recently.

    I refer of course to the Travellers and their "slaves". It will be interesting to get behind all of this and see where the line of Gangmaster and Slaver divide.

    Bearing in mind that at least 9 of the "slaves" have decided not to co-operate with "Inspector Kancker", for whatever reason.

    Has someone been taking their eye off the ball again recently?
    What, who, eh?
    Well if the "slaves" are content with their pay of £30/day, is there another agenda at play?
    Yes, I know, too many questions, but think on this:-
    HMRC is responsible for:-
    minimum wage enforcement;
    HMRC is responsible for shadow economy enforcement(do you think anyone is paying any contribution anywhere based on the work these "slaves" undertake?);
    Do you believe for one minute that any of the organisers are in the VAT club?;
    Now, do you suppose there is a connection, somewhere?

    Keep them coming Ken, the toadies have broken cover and are easily spotted crowding the skyline.

  8. I would ask HMRC staffers to point out to their less aware colleagues the following

    Have you had more meetings with "senior" managers in the last two week? ( by senior I mean at least SO or above if you are in operations)

    Have you been subjected to "success" stories in a hastily cobbled together in some form of e-mail attachment with "real" experiences if staff and how wonderful the organisation is at listening?

    Have you suddenly had local management being ever so caring and empathising with "people issues" recently?

    Have you noticed if uncomfortable issues are suddenly important and are considered "serious" after having been ignored for months ( years) on end?

    If you have noticed one, some or any of the above, welcome to People Survey week. I have noticed all of the above. It is a desperate last throw of the dice and I am uncomfortable with having to do it as I know the structure has not altered yet.

    In my opinion, this is an attempt to influence the survey results in a last mad dash to provide upbeat stories and feel good news. It is no coincidence, again it is my own opinion, that the announcement of 1100 jobs in compliance happened last week. Have a few thousand staff in operations chasing those jobs and distract them from the reality around. This is blood and circuses. The Romans were an astute lot to give the "games" to the mob to stop them rising up. HMRCs blood and circuses are designed to have the same effect.

    Sad thing is, I can see it working in the people I manage.

  9. So.......HMRC are responsible for slaves kept by "travellers" eh....

    What a complete and utter paranoid tool this poster is.

    A Toady.