HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Jack Back at 15:15 Monday

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. was he back today and can I see it?

  2. The House of Commons meetings are on the net and can be found @, under Parliament TV

  3. interesting take on pensioners and goldman sachs ....

  4. thanks anon at 18.56, but I stil see no reference to a meeting today?

  5. For some reason the site doesn't play with Firefox too well (it's supposed to) so you might have to use Internet Explorer. Wash your hands afterwards. :0)

  6. I have looked again and it seems they are meeting Hartnett again on Monday at 3.15. I still can not find anything for today and suspect there was no meeting?
    How did you (anon 19.31)know I was using Firefox?

  7. The sharks begin the circling.
    Not a conspiracy, a fact!

  8. Had a search of this site and some of the accountancy and other sites out there.

    I have never seen such a cross section of sources of damning criticism of a department, its top management and its senior leaders in Excom(?).

    There has to be a closure on this debacle, and the quicker the better, but am I right in thinking that most people believe those responsible will be rewarded with expensive early baths?

    If so, a travesty of justice and evidence of a total lack of morals and accountability and maybe something worse!

    Yhe duplicitous nature of HMRC and the public vs high earners is incredible even in Western society.

  9. I can't see anything scheduled for Monday either. To watch Parliament TV it advises that you to download Microsoft Silverlight:

    I am using Chrome & I always watch it with Silverlight without a problem

  10. Something i have found suprising is the fact that not a peep of this story had been mentioned on the PCS Union web site, you would have thought they would be making hay while the sun shines. However there is a small piece regarding Go'D and the fat pension he will be taking with him when he retires.

  11. PCS = Toothless Tiger!
    Lost the plot and took the pieces of silver on offer.
    Unless its to do with loss of jobs or pension rights they don't seem awake.
    Its got to shake itself and broaden its approach to more issues and provide value for money based on the amount of subscriptions it charges - shouldn't have wasted so much money on its HQ!
    Mind you it could not do a better job of illustrating just how bad HMRC has become than the 103rd itself!

  12. 06:59 too right, tried to email PCS using member login asking why no officialcomment has been made of Jacks day in court,guess what system is down and switchboard busy, fecking useless, wonder where my subs are going every month!!! To add insult to injury our local branch pcs site is down too (not sure if coming of same server). This is very poor from PCS they should be taking advanatge of every opportunity to get the upper hand especially with the forthcoming industrial action looming.

  13. Problem with the PCS is the divide between Group and Branch, one is too interested in Politics and the other is constrained by politics.
    Whilst there appears to have been an increase in membership, hardly surprising given the conditions in HMRC, however there are an increasing number of dissatisfied members resigning some of whom have been demanding their subscriptions back.
    A complaint to the TUC is unlikely to have an effect, it needs a good investigative journalist to discover whats behind the PCS attitude, no smoke without fire eh?

  14. I have written directly to my local PCS branch demanding they pass this on to HQ for an explaination why they have not made at least a mention of this on the site. I'll let you know if i get a reply. I can definately understand members fustrations if they feel compelled to resign from the union. The echelons of power above make a bloody good living off mine adn my fellow members subs, its about bloody time they started earning it.

  15. @12:58
    I have a number of colleagues of lengthy service who have resigned in these (value for money) circumstances) recently, they and I will look forward to your postings.
    Perhaps there is something in this for Ken/Eye/Guido and co. to scratch away at that is related to the smell circulating around everything?

  16. I recently cancelled my PCS membership. The last straw for me was PCS coming out in support of the Dale Farm travellers. The union need to consider the needs of its paying members before offering its support where it isn't needed. PCS has become a joke, and the money saved can go towards the increase in pension contributions.

  17. WTF are PCS doing supporting this lot?
    Members of the PCS spend their working lives chasing unregistered, non-taxpaying, law breaking highly organised crims called "travellers" who can't and wouldn't attempt the crimes they commit over the water.
    Their net contribution to UK society is to blot whatever landscape they end up in.
    They give true Romany Gypsies a bad name.
    Why are the idiots at PCS supporting them when they should be directing their efforts to support their members not this lot of n'er do wells.
    My family came here decades ago as genuine refugees and have worked hard and paid taxes ever since this lot are like leeches sucking the finacial lifeblood out of the system. Trouble is the system helps them.
    One step too far PCS, one step too far!