Saturday 29 October 2011

HMRC Staff Survey 2011 - Disengaged

My thanks to the loyal reader who posted this comment (see below) about the HMRC 2011 staff survey having only a 52% response rate (last year's being 69%).

Such a low response rate will negate the validity of the survey (whatever the results are).

Please can someone send me the source document or link for this statistic?


"Anyhoo... perhaps you can ask their Press Office why the HMRC response rate to the the 2011 People Survey is a whopping 52%..... a full 17% down on last year.

Therefore 48% of all staff (around 35,000 people) can't be arsed / don't trust ExCom to tell HMRC what it's like working there.

Looks like the recovery job from Steve Lamey's gaff hasn't worked. Hope nobody has a response rate target in their performance contract

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  1. The trouble with senior management, i.e. Excom, is that no reply is treated as "they must be happy with everything"... so when I did the survey I ticked 99% of them as "very pissed off" (as did most of my colleagues).

  2. Don't forget that PCS called for a boycott.

  3. As 16:19 I made sure i ticked most of the questions with the worst rating. What got up my nose was only question enabled you to put any further comment which seems to me EXCOM know that a lot of negative critisism was going to be levelled at the. The whole thing is bollocks cant wait to see the pin they put on this once the damning evidence comes in.

  4. The possible reason could be that a senior manager gaffed on an internal blog and said that the staff engagement stats are taken into account when reviewing office closures

  5. Contrary to the above postings, a low participation rate is assumed to be a result of low engagement. ExCom will not see low response from staff as "everyone is happy".

    Of more concern, however, is the recent line taken by local management, that poor results are caused by years of "efficiency" savings. This is partially true, but of course, not the whole story.

    The actual results of the survey will be extremely uncomfortable for management as time is running out to improve the whole sorry mess.

  6. One way to improve staff engagement and inspire confidence would be to recruit managers who actually know what they are talking about. It gets a little bit tedious to say the least when one approaches one's manager for advice only to be fobbed off with bullshit such as: "let's go with the flow", "play it by ear", "suck it and see" and "you need to square the circle".

  7. I have noted many of the comments and agree that the staff surveys will only serve to further highlight discontent within the ranks. The staff survey made various references including staff feeligns on pay etc.
    It would not surprise me if the department used this as excuse to take the attention away from their obvious failings. I am a manager who shares the frustrations of the staff that I manage and have serious concern that when low level management try to bring staff concerns to senior management they simply ignore what is being said. The comments made and the ticks applied were damning indictment of the inefficiency I have witnessed at hands of senior management.
    The union wanting us to boycott the survey is yet another example of how crap they are. It is important that HMRC are exposed for what they are. Shite employers who do not give a crap about there staff.