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HMRC Is Shite
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Friday, 20 September 2013

The Joy of Staples II

My thanks to Mike Truman editor of Taxation who pointed me to the original source of the quote from HMRC about stapling forms 64-8 together.

As per CIOT:
"At a recent meeting with HMRC, the CIOT along with members of other professional bodies, established a simple solution to a problem experienced by many in relation to paper forms 64-8. As a result, HMRC have issued this message concerning the stapling together of forms relating to the same individual/partners to avoid these becoming separated before processing. This simple solution to a problem experienced by many is worth noting. HMRC update begins: 

'An agent cannot be authorised to act for a client until a record has been created for that client - and this is of particular importance for SA. If an SA1 (or CWF1 or SA 400 or SA 402) is not processed by the time the 64-8 is actioned then there will be no SA record to authorise the agent for and the 64-8 will be put away. To overcome this the SA1, CWF1, SA 400 or SA 402 should be stapled to the 64-8 when it is submitted. A single staple in the top left hand corner will be sufficient. A specialist team within Centralised Agent Authorisation Team (CAAT) deal with these forms together so that your client is registered for SA and you are set up as their agent at the same time. If the forms are not stapled they are likely to become separated and there could be a problem with the 64-8.

In general we would prefer letters submitted to HMRC were not stapled, but in this case it will help the pages stay together and so allow them to be processed together, speeding up the process for you and your clients.'
Technical Team
30 August 2013"
However, my thanks to another loyal reader who pointed me to this where HMRC state:
"Send the registration forms - and any agent authorisation forms 64-8 - to HMRC at the following address. Please do not attach covering letters or staple items together as this will slow down the registration process."
Hmmm..all a tad confusing!
Tax does have to be taxing.

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1 comment:

  1. And if an agent sends a 64-8 stapled to his client's return, the 64-8 gets detached from the return and sent to Newcastle, and the return gets sent to Cardiff or Leicester.

    If the return is processed before the 64-8 is, then no repayment can be made to the agent until it is. That means that the agent then has to either go online or telephone in order to get the repayment issued.

    If they claim online more than 6 weeks after the return has been processed, then HMRC is not allowed to send the repayment to the agent (as requested on the return) and can only send it to the client.

    It can only be sent to the client by cheque, unless the client then writes in to give his/her bank account details, as these won't be on the return as the agent requested the payment be sent to them.

    Now is all that clear?