Thursday 19 September 2013

The Joy of Staples

My thanks to a loyal reader who alerted me to an article in Taxation magazine, that notes that HMRC have issued a directive concerning the stapling of the two page 64-8 requests that deal with authorising agents.

The directive, according to Taxation, notes that "..a single staple in the top left hand corner will be sufficient...If the forms are not stapled they are likely to become separated and there could be a problem with the 64-8..."

Oddly enough, HMRC generally prefer correspondence not to be stapled.

Does anyone have a link to the relevant page on the HMRC site where is advice is given please?


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  1. Tends to be because of reducing the ease of scanning- that said, most printers are set up to print both sides so as to solve the '2 sheet & staple' issue anyway.

    The fools that have time to consider these policies are the ones to be cut back, not front line staff...